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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hands off!!

Yes, hands off you gold-digging aunties!! He's my boyfriend, so stop trying to hook him up with your daughters!! Enough!! Yes, he's young, he's cute, he's successful. So? He's also TAKEN. And please, when you ask him whether he has a girlfriend, and he says yes, don't be so thick-skinned as to ask: "But is she as pretty as my daughter?" For one, I'm sure your daughter is embarrassed as hell as to what you are doing "for" her. Second, just how hot could this daughter of yours be, that she needs you, her mother, to ask random electricians/installers whether they would please, oh please, date her? Why don't you just take her to a rich datuk's house n sell her if that's what you want?

Monday, 28 December 2009

RIP Ebony.. We miss you so much!! ="(

Ebony Miao
April - December 2009

This post was s'posed to be a Christmas post, but, talk about dampening the Christmas mood...

I just found out my cat died. He hasnt been back for over a week, and deep down, I knew something was wrong. He used to stick with us wherever we went, no way would he just not come home. Why didnt we search for him? Well, I'd been told that if we didnt neuter him, he'd start leaving for like a week at a time, so I didnt think anything of it at first. I miss him so much!! =( Ray's very upset too; he loved that cat!! When asked whether she'd seen him (and I cant believe she didnt tell us as soon as she found out! Bitch.), a neighbour said "Oh, I think he's dead." Just like that. Apparently a neighbour told her the other day that a black cat had died at the end of the road, and it had a collar. There are only 2 black cats where we live, and only one has a collar. This happened a week ago. When Ray comes back from work we're going to look for the body. I've been up and down the street, but no sign. I hope we can find him and give him a proper burial. =(

Ebony, we had you for less than a year, and you grew up to be so big!! We love you and will never forget you. I hope you didnt suffer, and that you are in a better place, cat heaven if it exists!! Sorry for the times we left you alone, sorry for not looking for you earlier, and I forgive you for sometimes biting just that lil bit too hard!! This post is dedicated to you.

When we first found him and his siblings, when they were just babies.
When we first took him in..
On the way to the vet, for his shots..

Growing up! (He likes lying on our bed)
The last photo I have of him, taken 13/12/09.. ="((

Ebony being a rascal as usual.. =)

PS: Your X'mas present is still at home waiting for you.. I wish you could've come home for X'mas, as Ray & I had planned.. *sobs*

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!!

'Twas the night before Christmas.. Eve.. Haha.. Well, technically it's Christmas eve MORN right now, seeing as it's 1am.. =)

I love Christmas!! I love the Christmas deco, I love the Christmas trees (I saw one I especially like at 1 Borneo - a really big one decorated with baubles and pink + red teddies hung all over it!!),
I love the Christmas songs, I love exchanging Christmas lists with the fam, I love shopping for presents, I love planning what we're having for Christmas dinner (I LOVELOVE LOVE mom's Christmas dinners!), I just love the feeling of the season-to-be-jolly!! But what I love most? The tradition-since-young: waking up early, just Oli and I, excitedly going through our stockings (yes, we still have them), then rushing out to open all our pressies from under the tree! I don't care that I'm 23 next year, or that Oli is 20 next year either, this is one tradition that makes Christmas!! Then we rush in to the 'rents' bedroom to force them to wake up and open their presents!! Hahaha..
The other joyful thing is, last Christmas and this Christmas, and for many Christmas' to come, Ray has also joined in! He stays over at my house Christmas eve, so he can join in the Christmas spirit the next day!!
And to finish this post off (you must've known this was coming!), I also love.. Knowing I can have loads n loads n loads of roast potatoes for Christmas dinner!! =D Yippee~!! Nyehehe..
Merry X'mas to one and all, and have a very Happy New Year!! (but that's a whole other post ;p)

Saturday, 19 December 2009

How meaningful could...

... a piece of chicken be?

Very, if...

... Your dad saved the best piece, without telling anyone why, then telling you to eat it when you got home. All because you told him it smelt nice on the way out, and you'd pick at the leftovers when you got home.


... You and your boyfriend saved up all month, just to be able to have that one KFC dinner. The look of joy on his face as he bites into that piece of chicken...

These are 2 situations that stick in my mind.. How about you? Or is there anything else that people seem to take for granted, but you've had things happen to make them more than what they seem? Drop me a line! =)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hobbycon 2009

I was invited by Regina of Street 2 GLP boutique to be their emcee again for this year's GLP (Gothic - Lolita - Punk) competition. They didnt have their own GLP party this year, and instead joined the Hobbycon and became one of the main events. Here's a couple of photos from last year's emceeing:

With my co-emcee, Alex - the devil to my angel ;p

A couple of the cosplaying contestants - they all had such cool costumes and poses!! They played up the stage really, really well!!
So this year, my costume was black (yippee!), and I just had to do about 2 hours of emceeing, as that was all the time the competition took. The whole Hobbycon was awesome, no doubt thanks to the organization of a certain Julian and Fara from Silverhand.. There were collectible toys stalls, magic stall, and even a tarot card reading stall, where I decided to give it a try, since I have a lot of changes coming up. The tarot reader's name is Afzakri (you can look him up on facebook, he does outside readings too), and he was very friendly, and gives you a prep talk before starting! He said I could ask him anything I wanted, so my first question was:

1. How will modeling and studies go next year?
- Everything will be ok, especially as I'm so patient with it all. I will have good company, and have a lot of fun. Only bad thing is, it will take me quite a long time to settle in.

I can imagine that actually - it's gonna be a big change from what - and who - I'm used to.. =(

2. How will my transition from long-term relationship to long-distance relationship be?
- We'll be fine, though we may have a few problems, as long as we use the right approach to settle them, we'll make it through, happy even. =)

So that's a relief. I was so worried he'd give me a bad reading on that one. At least I have some reassurance now.. My relationship with Ray is one of the things I treasure most, and I really really dont wanna lose that!!

Anyway, other than the stalls, there were also cosplay performances, cosplay competitions, and of course, the GLP competition. It was great! All the costumes were really good, and most of the cosplay costumes were DIY.. I heard that some took a year to complete!! Whoa, I dont think I'd be able to be that creative, or have the patience to make my own costume, expecially not one that was as elaborate as these cosplayers!! Kudos guys!! Oh, and I should also mention that most of the people I met there were really nice and friendly, especially the ones who were in the GLP competition: you guys made my job so much easier; I was so much more at ease!!

Out of all the emcee jobs I've done, I have to say I enjoyed the 2 cosplay ones the most.. Here are some photos from this year's!!
Opening announcements...

The contestants waiting side-stage, with me just at the back!

"How are you enjoying the show from upstairs? =D"
Mohd. Shariff - The crowd loved him, and when he only got one of the consolation prizes you could hear the crowd wasnt pleased...
Syamimi - She was the winner!!
This one had dance moves all over the stage...
The expression and attitude was pin-point, and I loved the way he threw the Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas) soft toy all around!
The show's very own China Doll - with attitude! =)

Sorry that I couldnt get all the contestants' photos, these are all I have for now!! If anyone has any, please do provide a link to your blog, or wherever they're uploaded to so I may share with everyone, thanks!
Photos courtesy of

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Emo + Confused post..

If you don't feel like hearing me randomly rant and basically confuse you, you don't have to read on..

I'm just in such a dilemma right now!! I want to move to KL to work on my modeling career, but at the same time, I really do not want to leave my boyfriend!! He cant move with me because, well, it would be selfish of me to uproot him when he already has a successful career here in KK.. The plan is basically for me to also continue studying while I'm in KL, and I have come to the conclusion that I will do a one year foundation course, then go on to do a degree in mass communication. I cant go straight to degree as I dont have enough credits, and I cant do a diploma because my dad doesnt believe in them! He actually wants me to do A Levels, but I refuse as I think it will be a waste of time and money, as I will most definately fail them; I'm not going through all the commerce/accounting/math classes again!! BUT, at first I was thinking of a diploma, which is 2 and a half years, or straight to degree, which is 3 years. Bf and I agreed on this. But now I have to add foundation, which means I'll have to be there for FOUR years!! How will we stand being seperated for at least 4 years? And.. What if I succeed in my dream and dont want to come back? What then? It's just so confusing!!

I have a good life right now here, but I cant do nothing for the rest of my life - it's already boring me!! And I know if I dont take this opportunity given to me I'll regret it for the rest of my life, and a relationship of hate will not go down in the long run will it?! Sigh.. So what should I do? Go over and not study (might regret that, and bf insists I do study anyway)? Go over and do a diploma (resulting in unhappy dad, and a waste of another couple of years)? Or what? Argh~!! I hate this!!!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

I am so insulted!!

Yes, you are reading CORRECTLY!! This.. dickhead.. asked me through facebook, to be his prostitute!! WTF??? I've never been so insulted in my LIFE!! Do I look like a whore to you?? And such a cheap one at that?? I.. I.. I am speechless right now.. I'll have to get back to this in the morning.. Geez.. The pure cheek!! N I havent replied yet.. Any suggestions as to how I should put this bastard in his place? I am so gonna report him its not even funny.. Luckily I have no mutual friends with him else they'd all be under my chopping board too! Argh~!!!!

PS: I dont know how to capture the page, so I had to take a photo with my hp.. Can someone teach me how to do this? Thanks very much..
PPS: While waiting for the photo to upload, I couldnt wait any longer n replied. If u like, plz, u have my blessings to track down this creep n give him a piece of ur mind!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cant hide forever...

Now I've never hidden the fact that I dont read the newspapers, dont watch the news, and if possible, dont even read the headlines on the Yahoo! homepage before signing into my email.. Not because I'm lazy, find the news boring, or am not interested; no no, none of these reasons.. It's plainly because I cant take the news. The world today is depressing. Everywhere you look its terrorist attacks, or murders, or rape cases, or burglary, or natural disasters killing hundreds and thousands of people.. How can you read all this and not feel depressed? Maybe I'm too sensitive, but I dont really want to know who got murdered or raped yesterday, today, and then someone else tomorrow.. When will it end?

But unless you literaly shut yourself out from the rest of the world, you cant escape hearing / seeing some of the horrors that go on. Someone will mention it, you'll hear someone else discussing it, you'll catch a glimpse of the news and it will drag you into it like a magnet, and lo and behold, its usually the most gruesome cases-you-feel-sick-just-listening-to that you cant walk away from, but stare at in horror / disgust.

Just a couple of days ago, I was told of the Richmond High School gang rape case. I mean, wtf?? How can anyone just stand there and watch?? I'm not even gonna mention the fact that no one, not one person, felt the urge to call the police, or even tell a teacher or someone who could've helped. Now, I'm not saying that anyone should've blindly jumped in and try to play hero; that would've been suicide, but even participating in the attack against this poor girl? I dont care if she was 15 & drunk; I dont care if she was known as a slut or anything. She could've been the most hated person in school, but does that give anyone the right to attack her like that? What human being could even think of doing something like that?? Worse, how could you be a bystander, watch this whole scene unfold in front of your eyes, then go home and sleep peacefully after all is said n done? Is this what the world has come to? And the rapists were aged 15 - 21, FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. I'm at a loss for words.

Which comes to my next point: porn stars. Yes, it's just a "movie" right? The participants were voluntarily involved, it's just for fun, if it wasnt meant to be watched it wouldnt be made, blablablablaBLA. Well please, check out this website that was set up by a former porn star, and learn more about this "clean" & "safe" & "fun" industry, and next time you think of picking up some porn, just think: the "subject" of your visual pleasure might very well be dead right now. All for your viewing pleasure.

Do you know what's even more disgusting? I actually know of people who enjoy watching videos of rape. Yes, you read correctly. One friend's mother even sent her a video of a young girl being gang-raped in a nightclub. Why? Oh, just to try scare her into not going clubbing. Is this right?? So you participate in some poor girl's misery, just to try to shock your daughter? ......

And while we're at it, there are more people than you think who actually enjoy pedophilia. Shocking, but true. So please, join me in helping, in at least spreading the word, of websites such as this: I actually cried when reading and looking at her photos. And it's true what she says: They dont need your tears, they need your money! I am not going to pretend I have donated to this very worthy cause; I havent. I had to decide long ago not to donate to a specific cause long ago, as I end up giving everybody and torture myself feeling guilty about not giving to those I cant afford to.. My wish is to be rich when I am older, not so I can donate more n more (I will, but tats not my main dream), but so I can retire early, and spend my time volunteering .

Everyone should have at least one specific cause that they support with all their heart, and mne is the environment, simply because I can help, and it doesnt break me down as much and as easily as the above cases. So if you are stronger-hearted, please, help these children, these victims, and educate the public on what really happens, and bring humanity back into the world. Even by just writing bout it in your blog, on your facebook updates, or tweeting, will increase the world's knowledge, and increase the possibility of another person helping out. And you, yes you, who are financially stable, please please, dont hesitate to take a little out of your monthly salary to help a cause of your choice; there's so many out there, there must be one that especially touches your heart!

Ok, I've bounced around this page enough now, and this post would never end if I kept connecting the dots to more and more causes and rants.. I hope you actually get my point through all the jumping from here to there. To end on a happier note, life is great!! Enjoy it, and help others see the joy of living.. =)

Monday, 16 November 2009

All American Rejects & Halloween

Digi Music's first Live concert.. Hmm.. Well, good news is, performance-wise, it was great.. Malaysian bands Disagree, Pop Shuvit & One Buck Short all rocked that stage and got the crowd in the mood, n I have to say, I'm a fan.. =) AAR, well, do I really need to tell you how much I was moshing, screaming & singing while they were performing?? Haha.. Ray had to carry me on his shoulders a few times, cz it was so packed i couldnt see!! (This is why I love my tall boyfriend, nyehehe..)

But bad news. *Calista shakes head at the memory* Organisation-wise. Tsk tsk.. For lack of a better word, it was crap.. I was telling Ray (and friends after), that if this was Amal's event, bodies would've been piling up backstage.. Hahahaha.. The sound system had problems, the crowd was left waiting way too long.. A resetless crowd, especially at a rock concert, is never a good idea.. I felt sorry for the emcees of the night, Natalie & Ean of, as they were the ones who had to try calm the crowd, and play games, to the loud boos of many of the impatient fans.. Chants of "Digi sucks!" were heard more than once, which is very very bad for Digi, as i'm sure it wasnt their fault (They usually have event companies responsible for the organisation). I couldnt even stay til the end because one, we already left the vacinity and were standing outside before AAR came on, it was just too much! And two, I had other places to go, which were planned to coincide with the end of the concert, which was dragged on too late!!

Another thing that upset me was, while they were playing games on stage, I couldnt see but I'm thnking that this one contestant must've either been African or white. These boys in front of me, definately Malaysian, were screaming things like "Go back to your country!" every time said contestant was addressed on stage. Not good! I hate racists, and I hate people who think saying stuff like this is funny or acceptable!! Especially when the 'victim' hadnt even done anything to them!! Things like this realy p*** me off!! *Calista screams in frustration*

Anyway, on to happier things! =) We took a taxi back to the hotel, where I had 10 minutes to change etc before Stef (goth chick), Gary (with his ghoul mask) & Scott (himself - lol) picked me up.. Halloween!! =D We went to Helo Bali again, where they had a Bloodlust theme on.. I was dressed in a Queen of Hearts costume I just bought, and I messed up my hair and did dark eyes & red lipstick.. Punked up style Queen of Hearts!! Whoopee!! Haha.. We met Geetha (french maid), Junior, Mario & his friends, and Lebo there.. Now that was a really fun night!! We took loadsa great photos, danced the night away, got hit on (lol - while I made Scott pretend to be my bf to ward off any unwanted attention; which reminds me - Ray didnt go cz he was tired.. Poor thing.. He may be starting to like rock music, but going to a rock concert isnt really for him!! He did it to please me, and he got a special hug.. =) ), and had plain drama as usual.. Haha.. Wats a fun night without any drama eh? ;p

Was so looking forward to having those photos, but something happened. I received a call the day after I reached KK (left 1/11 night) from Stef. She had been in her bedroom sleeping (luckily Lebo was also there, and lucky for Geetha she was not), when someone broke in, with a knife!! Other than taking their phones, laptop, camera etc, she almost got attacked!! I was speechless. Things like this arent s'posed to happen!! I comforted her the best I could (not good with words me), then as soon as I hung up, tears started rolling down. Dont ask why, I just felt so shaken up by thought of Stef in that situation!! It's really hard to describe the feeling of feeling so close to someone you have not long met, but I can tell you it rarely happens.. N no, I'm not a lesbian ok, lol.. But yea, n Ray had to walk in on me right at that moment.. He was shocked, wondered wat was happening, haha..

A few photos during Halloween, taken by one of Stef's friends.. Found them on facebook.. This is all we have.. =(
Lebo, Geetha, Calista & Steffy!! My girls!!
The French maid & her assistant (lol - ppl actually asked this question!!)
Gary looking very handsome.. Ahaha..

N now, I hear that my brother has become a victim of pickpockets!! His phone, his life, was stolen in Centerpoint Sabah, while going to watch a movie at Growball Cinemax.. I think security needs to be tighter there, it's just not on!! Especially since a lady sitting behind him also had hers stolen!! 2 people, same time same place? I'm willing to bet there were at least a couple more people who had it happen to them too!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

I'm on TV!!!!! =D

Yes, I saw it!! The Daia washing detergent ad that I did a few months ago, is finally on air!! I first heard from Syifa that she saw it on TV3, then someone said they'd seen it on NTV7. Then I caught a glimpse of it!! =D Surreal I tell you, and I was left with.. Wanting more!! Seeing yurself on TV is so addictive, and this gives an even better high than on MSF.. Finally, it's coming!! My dream, is within reach!! But it's not on that often (or, not on whenever I'm watching out fr it anyway), as I've only seen it twice.. Yet I had people calling me saying they've seen it on TV2, then on 8tv.. More than once!! So why cant I catch it? No fair!! I wanna see it again, n neither my parents, Oliver or Ray have seen it yet.. Sigh.. ANYhoo.. Here's a couple of photos.. If I get the chance to record the TVC, I'll post it up yea? =)
Behind the scenes...

With one of the makeup artists.. This is what I looked like.. They gave me a wig (cz my hair was a bit too short), and the makeup was to try to make me look older.. Haha..

Saturday, 14 November 2009

A memorable time in KL

So what have I been doing while I was in KL, after the finals were over? Well, I had a great time! Of course, I wasnt staying in a particular place, but moving around (with a 20kg suicase & a laptop bag mind you!) & staying at my generous friends' places. The night after the finals, Susie and I went back to Peninsula Residence.. The other girls all went back to their own homes, but the both of us dont have permanent homes in KL, so why make a headache out of something that's there right? =) We had fun, just the both of us, talking all night.. We ordered McD, cz we were so hungry!! N this was already midnight!!

The next day, we checked out, then went to lunch with a couple of the 8tv crew (we really have become friends! =) )We actually had a date with our 'nanny' of the show, Siew Tyug (pronounced Tyng, dont ask ;p), but met Kitvy n Nicole halfway, so we all had lunch at.. Pasta Zanmai I think it was called.. It was good! =) We also came across ourselves in Faces magazine, pure accident, while looking for a diff mag, so that made our day.. =) Then we went to Pavilion to jalan-jalan, and as soon as we walked through the doors (n this made me feel like a star =D), 3 guys were walking towards us, when I heard "Eh, Maybelline Top 5!" and then "Bukanlah, Top 10". O.M.G. We were so messy as well, I cant believe we actually got recognized!! *Calista dances around just thinking about it*

Spent the night with Susie and her friends, then met up with Steffy the next day, to spend the weekend with her at her family house in Klang. I have to say, one of the most happiest times of the whole trip - save for the finals of course ;p -was with her in Klang. I like her family, they're all so nice! Plus, her mom's a great cook - u know wat a sucker I am for home-cooked food! =D We went out and had so much fun - she took me to eat Baskin-Robbins (she's an addict =p), clubbing at this great club in Sunway called Helo Bali (I love African music now - it's so cool to groove to!), to eat (she loves these steamboat/hotpot places.. and found out that her fave place is Thai, not Korean! *playfully whacks Stef over the head*), and we just had fun yapping as usual!! Mostly we were hanging with her bro Gary and cuz Scott.. She also surprised me when, the 1st night (she told me this on the car trip on the way there) was gonna be spent having a family dinner!! For some reason, I always get caught up in family dinners - lol!! But it was cool, I've met her whole extensive family now.. Haha.. I also was in the middle of her family's Deepavali lunch celebration, her mom cooked so much!! Unfortunately, I didnt eat that much because it was all spicy - hello, Deepavali, u expected Chinese food meh?? Hahaha.. But luckily her mom was understanding of wat a fuss-pot I can be when it comes to food.. Thank goodness!! I know a lot of people tak tahan with how picky I am.. *sob sob* I actually went back the next weekend, whee~!! And Steffy was trying to get her mom to adopt me - didnt work, wonder why? ;p

I also stayed with my old friend Wendy and her boyfriend Adrian, who were both so nice as to let me stay a second time (last trip I stayed for nearly 3 weeks!!) I feel so blessed to have such great friends.. I just feel like I shuld mention my thanks here, as I sometimes dont really know how to express my gratitude fully in person.. Nalin also let me be her roomie one more time before the finals - as soon as I arrived in KL I stayed at her place for 3 days, and the Fabulous 5 (Nalin, Stef, Sue, Preeta & myself) went clubbing at Changkat with Geetha, Parveen & Anuja for a very memorable night!!

I also helped coordinate an event with Moezik Singapore - old friends & my ex-boss, for YUM! That was so much fun, I miss coordinating events so much.. =( O well, hopefully one day I'll be able to get back into it.. It was great to be able to catch up with Amal, Alan & Moe.. Amal & I wasted no time & chatted into dawn the 1st night - We both got 2 hours sleep!! But it was worth it.. =D

Highlight for me was when Ray arrived.. It's so hard to be apart for 3 whole weeks, yet we've gotten through it twice, and it's only made us stronger.. =) We stayed in Summit Hotel in Subang after the YUM! event, and shopped our hearts out in Sunway etc.. We went to the All American Rejects concert, which... I am gonna tell you about next post!! Haha.. This post is way too long, and u prolly arent that interested, but I dont care, this is a journal post alright?? ;p

PS: Just wanted to thank Regina Ho & her friend for coming to support me during the finals, and not forgetting Kylie Bennington either.. =) It meant so much that you guys were there, thank you!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Finals of Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous - Finally!

So yeah, nearly a month after the whole thing, I finally get round to it.. Sigh.. Silly woman.. Haha.. Anyway, here I go!!

The finale was shown on 8tv at 10 pm on the 18th, and as much as I was wetting my pants with excitement to watch it with Steffy n her family, I couldnt help but be slightly disappointed.. 2 hours plus of filming, n it was squeezed into a half hour slot with commercial breaks; so yea, u can bet a lot of things were missing!! The actual finals were held on the 14th, n they were so much fun!! We had rehearsals on the 13th, n a fitting by Lee Ann Maxima for the evening dresses (I LOVED mine!!) and Levi's. Wasnt tat happy with my Levi's outfit at 1st (it was pink, lol.. Figures eh.. Haha..), but then I decided I would rock that pink n make god damn sure I didnt look the slightest bit cute!! N from the comments I've received, it seems to have worked!! Whoopee!! =D

Wasnt that nervous during rehearsals, but when we were told we would have Q & A.. Argh~!! I was so so worried I'd end up looking like a bimbo on national TV!! The night of the finals was nerve-wracking.. There were so many people, n poor Susie n I had no one cheering for us in the crowd.. =( It was pretty obvious too, when the room went silent when they said our names.. I think that was when we both felt a bit down, n strengthened up together.. When I was on the catwalk, my main target was Stevensunny, just because I do like the guy, n I wanted to show him that petite girls can rock that runway better than some taller models!! His expression throughout my walks and Q & A made my night.
As you all probably know, I did not win the main prize. That went to my roomie Nalin - woot woot!! I did win the Bloggers' Choice / Striking Confidence award though, and that was really unexpected!! Once again, I wanna thank all the bloggers involved, and the 8tv production crew!! The makeup artists were great too, and the people from the outfit sponsors, especially from Lee Ann!! It was such a great experience, and no, as people have been asking me "Do you regret wasting all that money to join?", my answer is a million times no. The experience n the people I've come to know n love more than make up for the amount of money I used, it did not go to waste, n I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

See how happy I was?!?! Haha..
What really was the highlight of my night though, and this is something that will make me push even harder (plans in progress ;p), was when, after the press conference, Stevensunny came up to me to tell me that I was one of his favourites!! To me, that is my mission accomplished: to make people see me, and to see the potential of petite models.

Group photos after the interviews

Congratulations to Nalin - have a rocking time in NY!!
And not forgetting my babe Diana, who won Watson's So Gorgeous award.. U deserve it!! =D
Just a few photos, there are more of course, but mostly of the same thing.. Unfortunately I dont have many singular photos as I had no one to take photos for me.. *sob sob*

Friday, 6 November 2009

Procrastination at it's peak

I can't believe it's taken me so long to blog.. Sigh.. I don't know wat to do with myself.. I mean, ok, my last post went missing when my internet suddenly cut off (dont know why it ddt autosave *mumblemoanmoan*) but that was.. 17th Oct!! ... I promise promise promise I'll get round to it, I have so much to tell u all!! But for now, before I blog bout wat actually went down during the finals, why dont you check out these great blogs n sites that have done what I havent yet *blush n averts face*:













Saturday, 17 October 2009

C3 E6 - Susie & Calista's Shoot!!

As the title suggests!! Haha.. I really really love this webisode!! The 2 Sabahans weyh~!! "Cun" I tell u.. Muahaha.. You can really tell what I great dancer Susie is in this shoot.. N I love love love the way my shoot looks in the video!! =D

Too bad tho, apparently it wasnt enough to win the challenge.. =( Yes, Preeta won.. No offense to anyone involved, but don't you think her photo was just normal, and so was the concept? I dont quite understand.. Sorry to sound like such a b*tch but.. Maybe it's just the competitive side of me.. Sigh.. I'm glad I was acknowledged though, that still meant a whole lot to me..

As you didnt see the post-interview of this challenge, this is basically what I said:

"I am so grateful for all the positive comments that Stevensunny has given me, and I accept his opinion on neve hiring short girls, even though he did say I had changed his mind when he was doing my personal judging.. BUT. I have to say I do not agree with the choice of winner for this challenge, no based on our photos (we didnt get to see each others' photos til the webisode), but by the final comments given.. I think he is giving out the wrong message to the public, by literally telling everyone that as long as ur tall n pretty, u can get watever u wan even if u have a sucky attitude; whereas the people who, like me, arent naturally born with "it" can never make it even if u work ur ass off. This is why I'm in the competition, to show people like Stevensunny that they are WRONG."

There was also other drama going on, but you'll have to see whether the other girls feel like writing bout it.. Muahaha...

Anyhoo, finals are TOMORROW!! I can't wait!! Remember to catch it at 10pm on 8tv!! And online I think.. ;p

Another blog post =) :


Friday, 16 October 2009

C2 E6 - C3 E5 of Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous

Ok, I know I know, I havent been writing for a few days.. I'm sorry!! As soon as I got to KL, I was either busy or the stupid celcom broadband didnt work.. ... I've ony watched the last 3 webisodes myself!! So here's my thoughts n feelings on the above mentioned webisodes..

Challenge 2 ended with the winning team picking Nalin to join in their spa treatment prize, and a video of them all being massaged etc to make everyone else jealous.. Haha!! I wasnt so jealous really, as I dont like massages.. Lol.. I know I'm weird, but it's totaly ok!! ;p Of course I wanted to win just for the sake of winning la.. Nyehehe..

Challenge 3: I love the "previously on" part, cz I thought I looked nuts.. But I just noticed: Steffy looks nuttier!! Ahahahaha~!! Go, take a look.. ;p

We had our profile shoot, Levi's promo shoot and group shoot on the same day as Challenge 3.. To me, Stevensunny was very helpful and is a very nice man.. I wish I could have the chance to work with him sometime.. I'm so grateful for the positive comments he gave me after our short meeting!!

Syifa I think did quite an ok job on her shoot, her photo looks nice, and I think it captures what she was aiming for.. Bei Shan also had a very good idea, and she does have one of the prettiest faces!!

Zhareen looks oh-so-loveable during her shoot, she looks so cuddly n adorable!! Steffy unfortunately got some bad comments to frames into her shoot, so she couldnt focus well.. I'm not gonna mention what was said, but let's just say it wasnt wat d webisode put out!! =( But she was looking smoking hot during her shoot anyway!!

Diana, as always, looks so pretty.. I think she did a very good job at posing, dont u? =) Preeta of course has modeling experience, n as mentioned, she had a lot of good frames!! If only all my frames were as good!!

Nalin, my wonderful roomie, looked so funky, no? N her idea was a fun one: The world as her pet!! Kim had the same dream as Nalin: Travel show host, so she was looking fresh wif her mic n camera esp!!

Waiting for tonight people, as they saved the best til last: Susie & Calista's shoot!! It's gonna be hot hot HOT!!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

No new webisode? =(

Apparently no webisode was uploaded last night.. I know!! =( But just hang in there, i'm sure there's just a slight hiccup somewhere, and we'll be able to watch it soon!!

In the meantime, take a look at this vid pinkporkchop took of me.. Lol.. Those who know me, are gonna go crazy.. Haha..

I leave for KL soon.. Flight's been delayed. Sigh.. I would be checking in etc now if it hadnt been.. MAS smsed me 15 mins before check-in time.. Grr!! Luckily I was just leaving the house, else I wud've had to spend hours in the airport!!

Can't wait to meet up with at least half of the Fab babes!! Nalin, Steffy, Susie n Preets - I'm coming back to town!! ;p We're gonna have so much fun tonight!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

C2 E5: Best Outfit?

The girls in green won the challenge.. What did you think of their outfits? Personally, my fave outfit of the bunch was Steffanie's.. But then.. That's so my style.. Haha.. Too bad none of the trousers would fit me pre-length-alteration *sigh*.. I also loved the belt Zhareen had on, but she got there before me.. Damn!! O well, wouldnt have matched my dress anyway.. =(

The winners got to get a spa treatment at Jojoba Spas.. N they get to pick someone to share the prize!! Who will it be? Ah~ Keep watching!! ;p

One of my best friends (we dont see each other that much anymore, cz she's so far away. *sobs*) has written a surprise blog post on me!! Phaedra, I love you!! Haha.. So guys, please dont let her post be in vain.. VOTE!! Only 4 days left!! Argh~!! I hate this countdown!! It's so nerve-racking!! I actually cant sleep at night as I'm worrying over this n that.. *cry* Dark circles are OTT at the moment!! Hope Maybelline concealer will be able to cover!! Haha..

Anyway, here's the post:

Drop her a few comments!! =)

PS: Invites to the Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous finals still up for grabs!! Just drop me a message if you'd like to come join the party!! =D

Thursday, 8 October 2009

C2 E4: Cats Whiskers Boutique Madness!!

It was so stressful!! Rushing around, trying our best to find the right dress, AND to match our partner with a theme.. Susie and I had decided on lil black dresses n loads of accessories.. But no sizes!! Sigh.. My height n her hips were a nightmare.. So we then decided, summery!! I found a green dress (yes, i know, it wasn't summery) but we couldnt find anything to go with that for her.. She found a lovely blouse and pants, but no sizes!! Time, was running out. While she was trying on more things, I found the black dress with the pink and purple hem.. Aha! Me (black) with the splash of colou that everyone keeps telling me to get!! =D In the end, I decided to add a pink belt, and Susie decided on her tube dress too - theme: Comfort!! Haha.. I actually decided on some earrings, but put them back as they were so expensive. Sigh.. We were going to be judged on our budget/smart spending too you see!!

So did we win? Well, you'll have to stay tuned to find out!! Drama is coming up now, in each episode.. This week it seems to be between Preeta and Diana.. But who knows? Twists happen in a blink of an eye.. =p

Stay tuned to - a new webisode at the stroke of midnight, every night!! Voting is also underway with only 5 more days left!! Come on people, let's get this in the bag!! Register and vote for me, CALISTA, as many times as you can!! U can also get your siblings etc's ID to vote too, as long as u have permission!! Nyehehe.. *sneakysneaky*

My support group on fb now has almost 1200 members!! Thank you to everyone who has joined, and please, the more members the better!! I'm giving out invites to some people on the group, so JOIN!! and just drop me a message if you'd like to come to the grand finals of Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous at Ministry Of Sound (Euphoria) @ Sunway on 14/10/09!! Just click here: to join!!

Oh, and another great post by blogger Erin!! She has a contest going on for free Maybelline products and tickets too!! Just tell her who your fave contestant is!! I hope hope hope you say me!! *flutters eyelashes rapidly*

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

C2 E3: Drama starts?

Another episode which lasts only 4 minutes.. 8tv, you're killing me!! Argh~!! Have to wait 24 hours for 4 minutes everyday.. *sniffles*

Looks like the drama has already started though!! Who's starting drama? Aha.. Go watch and find out!! It's not me, I just look crazy as usual!! Lol.. I was HAPPY ok? Free shopping? Who wouldnt be? =p

I'd like to give special thanks to a local boutique here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.. Zheng Boutique has been so supportive of me in Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous, that not only did he create a note speacially for his fan page in Facebook, but he also posted a whole blog post about it!! Thank you, Nelson (owner of Zh正ng Boutique).. Your support is greatly appreciated!! xx

Please do visit his blog:

His fan page on facebook:

And his boutique at 1st Floor, City Mall!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Challenge 2, episode 2: Excitement excitement excitement!!

Haha.. U can practically see the excitement brimming over the edge of my head in this episode.. Lol.. Shopping to a shopaholic is the ultimate drug. *deep breath, and release peacefully* I could barely wait for the judges' intro to b over, I wanted to get IN THERE!! Haha.. Pretty happy wif my partner Susie.. We helped each other a lot.. Tho.. Nah.. I'll tell u this tomorrow when u've seen what actually happens.. ;p And yes, when Sarah told us to have fun when she passed us the vouchers, I did actually say "Oh, we will".. Haha.. I wasnt thinkin straight at that exact moment.. Nyehehe.. I could barely contain myself could I?!! =D

Monday, 5 October 2009

Webisode 7... OR Challenge 2 episode 1...

Oooook.. So this episode started off with my *ahem* just-showered-ready-for-bed face smack in front of the camera.. Lol.. U can ignore that.. PLEASE!! ;p

It was Syifa's birthday, and Steffy had baked us all cupcakes.. We didnt need much persuading to celebrate n partay!! (PS: Licking the cupcake is so.. Me.. Lol..) It was so much fun!! Except that I had to change into a jacket cz cameras were in d room, n my PJs were a bit.. See-through.. Haha.. N Syifa got cupcake icing ALL OVER HER FACE!! Thanks to Diana.. Muahaha.. ;p Like it Syifa? =D

I think Sarah Lian looked really good in the Cats Whiskers introduction, don't u? (Oh wait, to quote Syifa: Cats Whispers!! Love u babe.. ;D) N yes, this is the makeup part where the hair stylist actually had the cheek to tell me to stop laughing!! I mean, yea I laugh a lot, SO?? Jz cz I'm not grumpy like u, n am having fun wif my gals, y shud I stop?? ... *rantrantrant*

ANYhoo.. Yes, I was sitting in the back going "Black, black,black!!" when Sarah asked what's our perfect party outfit.. Haha.. Like that's a surprise eh? ;p N yes, that was the whole shopaholic in me coming out.. haha!! See the ecstatic look on my face, n the excited actions? Lol..

Waiting for the next webisode? I can assure u.. It was fun~!!

PS everyone: Voting starts NOW!! Plz do register n vote vote vote away for CALISTA!! It's unlimited voting, so plz, go crazy with it!! The more clicks u give me, the more of that 30% I'll get!! =D Love u people, thanks for supporting me up til now, n please do KEP supporting me, til the finals on the 14th!! xx

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Webisode 6: Winner of Challenge 1 is...

Aha!! So yes, Susie was the winner of the 1st challenge, n well-deserved I must say!! I was just happy to get good comments.. Well-blended? =D Never expected that!! As I said, even to go out clubbing or to a dinner I usually just use concealer, eyeliner, n mascara.. Haha.. I don't even own proper eyeshadow.. Lol.. I used to, n ironically enough, that was a Maybelline product!! Way back I think.. 4 years ago? It's fate I tell you, fate!! ;p

Other than that, let's just say blusher is DEFINATELY not my strong point.. But I guess you heard me talking bout that already.. Nyehehe~

But what IS interesting, is the preview to the next episode.. Looks like drama people, you ready? ;p And I don't look so nervous.. =) I remember that was a fun week so.. Can't wait to "relive" it!!

Support group update: I now have 700++ members!! Millions of thanks to everyone who has joined so far.. Our next target is 1000 members before the start of the voting.. Which means we have 2 days!! So invite all your friends, family and the old man down the road; 5/10/09 is our day to attack the voting system and win!!


You know you love me,
(Sound familiar? ;p)

Friday, 2 October 2009

Webisode 5: Challenge 1

Well, kinda disappointed with this webisode, as I didnt get much screen time for some reason.. I mean, we were all putting on makeup, but they gave me, 2 flashes of my face? Sigh.. O well.. Hopefully I'll get sufficient screen time in the webisodes to come.. N there are like.. 15 more I think? Haha.. *fingers crossed*

So the REAL challenge was not the put on ur makeup in 5 mins w/out a mirror, but 15mins WITH a mirror.. Still hard. Haha.. I seriously need to get some good makeup skills.. I mean, that was a start, but.. Well, let's just say I wont be attempting to do any eyeshadow blending, or even just applying blusher on myself anytime soon.. ;p

Next webisode, the winner!! Who do you thinks gonna win..? Watch n find out!! Please do leave ur guesses in a comment tho, just for fun!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

A moment to mourn - Tsunami in Samoa & earthquake in Indonesia

I came home tonight to hear of the news of these 2 tragic events. Although I alone cannot contribute much, or in fact any help to the countries or their victims, I'd just like to take a moment, away from the "important" events in our lives, and remember just how lucky we are.

My thoughts go out to the 4 countries affected (namely Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga and Indonesia). Let us stop more disasters from happening, now. Natural disasters are not things we can stop, but we can do our part in preventing more from happening. We are killing the environment, and it is now showing proof of that, more n more each year. We may not be able to stop natural disasters, but let's at least stop man-made ones. Enough innocent people have died. Let's work together in saving this earth, it is, after all, the only one we have...

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

4th webisode: Co-operation is Key!

The 4th episode of the reality show finally reveals the truth: It was a scam!! That was NOT the challenge!! Argh~!! When Sarah Lian announced that particular piece of news I could've slapped someone!! ... Panic for nothing.. ... N we had to do it all over again?? Sigh..

But when I was watching it, I was still LOLing.. The memories!! Haha.. We didnt really know each other yet at that time.. So when I was partnered with Diana, I had no idea wat to expect.. It was from that moment on I think, when we actually clicked.. I tell you, I think I nearly gave this girl a heart attack with my makeup skills.. Haha.. She had "shocked" written all over her face wenever she looked at me.. Ahahaha.. Hers was actually quite good.. Just a lil "draw the eyeliner on ur left eye a bit longer" etc comments from me were needed.. Whereas mine.. Well.. I guess u could see.. ;p

A friend of my PR manager a.k.a. Oliver has written a lovely post on her blog to support me in my race to become Maybelline Ny's Simply Fabulous Petite Model!! Do check it out n leave some kind comments!!

Thanks so much Jas!! =D

Unfortunately, my general manager/mentor a.k.a. S'Mal (Or Gummy Bear as she is now known.. Muahaha~) has not been able to get online.. *sobs* I need to talk to u woman!! Withdrawal symptoms!! =( She is the one who gave me my 1st stepping stone into this the modeling world, n gave me the knowledge I needed to know to equip myself for the brutalities of the industry.. She encouraged me when no one else would give me the time of day, but at the same time, never gave me false hope. If anyone can give you the right catwalk training, photographic training, or just knowledge on the modeling world, it's this woman. The modeling studio in Sabah is now only an agency, but she's still so eager to impart this knowledge to us younger generation, she has started a website where u can get the knowledge right in your own home!! Click this link to see and join, u will not be disappointed, that I promise you.

I'm on there too, drop me a message! ;p

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

3rd Webisode: The games begin..

I LOVE the 3rd Webisode!! U GOTTA watch it!! I can't believe it came out like that!! Hahaha.. Now this is where u see way more of us, n way more of ME!! Nyehehe.. Sorry for the monster-sounding voice.. I was losing my voice that week.. ='( N I really did poke my eye.. Lol..

As you can probably see.. I was laughing throughout the challenge.. Can't believe I was so incoherrent that they had to give me subtitles.. haha.. So what do u think? C'mon guys, give me some comments here, good or bad, i dont mind!! N with this webisode, you should have SOMEthing to say.. I mean, now this is where the REAL excitement starts!! =D Don't you agree that this is, the most entertaining yet? ;p N the flood of memories that came back.. Lovin n missin all the Fab gals n crew!!

I hope you're following this show n loving it as much as I do.. N stay tuned, cz there's way more to come.. Love to ALL.. xoxo

Oh, we have more write-ups!! Feel free to comment on their blogs everyone.. They're the one's giving us the publicity!! Plus, by commenting and entering their contests, u may win fabulous prizes!! ;p




2nd webisode: The Makeup Tutorial

Have you been following the webisodes? If you have, then congrats!! You probably now know how to successfully (well, better than before at least!) apply makeup, then how to add to intensify it into night makeup!! =)

So this webisode is more of a tutorial/Maybelline ad, but it's cool to watch all the same.. I ddt get much screen time (nobody did, but then, we were all learning something valuable), BUT if you look closely, I got EXTRA screen time.. Haha.. Confused? Then watch, watch the 2nd webisode AGAIN, closely this time, n u'll see what I mean.. ;p If u still can't c it, I'll reveal the answer when the 3rd webisode comes out..

Mysterious.. Enjoy!! =D

Monday, 28 September 2009

1st webisode: Arriving at the hotel

Well, the 1st webisode came out right on the dot of 12am today!! N I loves it!! Have u watched? If u have, whaddya think? If u havent, GO WATCH IT NOW!! Haha..

There's not a lot of me in it, n a lot of u have been sayin I looked a lil nervous.. Well, I was!! Not gonna deny it.. Lol.. 1st time in front of a camera like that.. I'm proud for not blabbering all over the place!! ;p My fave part of webisode 1? I like that they put my star pillow in it!! Hahahaha.. (I'm nuts, I know.. ;p) AND I like the hug between Nalin n I.. *aww* We'd only jz met each other like.. 5 minutes ago!! =D
What about u? Plz do leave me comments here, or on the support group in fb (Here's the link again: and even in the chatbox that's below the video on the 8tv site!!

Can't wait for the next webisode.. Make sure u tune in for the fun!! =D

Oh, another fabulous creation by OLIVER LIEW - and yes, my brother is as fabulous as I am!!
PS: Anyone interested in his photoshopping services? They are for sale.. Just let me know n I'll hook u guys up!! U know he's the best.. This is self-taught!! ;p

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Calista - On a screen near you... TODAY!!

It's the 28th of September, n time for the 1st webisode of Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous!! (Finally!) =D Is it up yet? Well, you'll have to go take a look!! In the meantime, again, facebook group is Join, support, n most importantly, PLEASE DO PUT IN YOUR VOTES FOR ME!! ;p

Why is this a really short post? Cz I'm so friggin' excited!! Can't type properly!! ;p

Are you ready?!

Tomorrow is the big day!! Webisodes will be airing, and I need YOU to support me and VOTE!! Yes, voting starts tomorrow too, so these 2 weeks are my only chance to get the much-needed 30% of the final results!! 30% public voting, and 70% judging.. So YOU, the public, play a very big role in deciding who, out of all the top 10, get to represent Maybelline Simply Fabulous and go to New York Fashion Week!! *drool --- followed by uncontrollable swooning*

My beloved brother has created a group on facebook for me!! You can join it here Check out the 2 great photos he did for me!! The profile one, and another one that has the Simply Fabulous logo on it.. Go see; U'll spot it!! *Calista tackles Oliver to the ground and starts smacking wet kisses all over his face* Special thanks also go out to all the admin members: My one & only S'Mal, Katherine, and Sharin.. THESE ARE MY LADIES!!

On 2nd thoughts, here are the photos for you to see here: =D

Cool right?? This is why I love my brother!! =D=D=D

Saturday, 26 September 2009

2 more days..

Til the webisodes for Maybelline Simply Fabulous start!! I know, I know.. I've been talking about it so much, u all know all about it now.. BUT finally, the webisodes are finally gonna start!! Mark your calendars everyone, come 28th September Calista will be live online!! Haha.. No more disguising the weirdo in me, it'll be full-blown on your computer screen!! Remember to log on to EVERYDAY for a new webisode!! =D

PS: Found another blog post about us.. =)

I want to personally thank Rachel P. Thi Han for making my day.. That was the best compliment I've had.. Thanks for the support, and it's people like you who make me want to work even harder!! Thanks babe!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Another one, local this time!!

Just found out from a friend that there's a small article about Maybelline Simply Fabulous in the local newspaper, Daily Express. Now, this is the paper my family buys every day, so why didn't I know about it? Well, because they only put it in the tiny Malay section! Why? =( Don't you wanna cover it in the main paper? I think this counts as a pretty big contest.. You should be covering it, as should the other local papers, plus our two great local mags!! I could do an exclusive! Hey!! Anyone?! *Calista jumps up n down n waves her hands in the air* We want another Sabahan winner among us don't we? =D

Lol.. Anyway.. Unfortunately, I cant find the article online to show you guys so.. If you can, get today's Harian Ekspress!! It's in the entertainment section.. =)

So how was your Eid?

Hey everyone!! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!

So it's the 3rd day of Eid.. Back to work tomorrow for most, but what I wanna know is, how did u spend the even first 2 days? For me, I'm like such a ditz. I didnt even realize it was the first day of Eid on Sunday.. I thought it was gonna be on Monday *whack forehead*. So anyhoo, yea, my eve was spent shopping with Ray's friend Michelle at Wisma Merdeka (I bought the black booties I've been eyeing for so long! Whee~!!) and then at night having a tantrum in Ray's room over plans gone haywire. Not gonna go into details, but let's say it wasnt pretty..

1st day the "heated discussion" continued, until finally we went out and watched , the Korean film. My rating: Passable lah.. But I have nightmares about this kinda thing, n true enough, that night was plagued with all different bad things happening in my dreams.. Sigh.. Why can't the world be safer? No worries about natural disasters, n more importantly, not needing to worry about your safety from mankind itself. I personally think man-made disasters and dangers are way scarier than natural. And supernatural come to think of it.

Back to my night. While waiting for the movie (11.20pm, n everywhere was closed in 1 Borneo), we went into a new bar to have a look around and Ray had a drink. Met Yenni n Vivian there, so that was a pleasant surprise. Ice Bar it's called. Now, anyone who knows me knows bars arent my type of place: I don't drink and there's no dance floor, what else can I say? But the worst thing was, they had these 4 girls (GIRLS, not even women! They looked about 18!) dressed in tiny sparkly stuff, dancing on little platforms in each corner of the room! That's bad enough, but to add on that 1. they werent pretty, 2. they didnt have good bodies, and 3. I dont even dance well but I could do better than them!! Basically they were just there as eye-candy, but sorry to say, no one was even paying attention to them! Sigh.. What future do these girls have, if they're bar dancers at 18? Imagine if you went into a bar and saw your daughter up there? *shame* N what I don't understand is, why this is allowed (apparently most bars have them now), when even the VMAs were censored? Makes no sense at all.. ...

... Ok, I'm ranting again. *stop it Calista*

2nd day I had dim sum at Foo Phing for b'fast, yum! Then shopping with Michelle again at cp, then she bought a new cam at Karamunsing. Man, this gal can spend!! Haha.. I had fun watching her, even though I didn't have that much stuff to buy myself.. =D Later on, we had steamboat/bbq buffet at Nelayan, Taman Tun Fuad, and stuffed ourselves with so many prawns, I can't even remember how many plate-fulls we had!! Finished off the night with a yamcha session at Alex's cafe in Lintas, Frenz Cafe, and poof!! Goodbye Hari Ray hols, n goodbye Michelle (she left early d next morn, back to Sandakan).

So that was my boring holiday (Geez, I know, even a boring holiday can be such a long post; punya longwinded!! ;p). Tell me bout urs? D cookies? D duit raya? D open houses? *sniffles* I want!!

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Oh, how I wish I could travel the world!! Japan, Greece, Brazil, New Zealand, even Antartica.. And I would LOVE to go on a safari in Africa!! But hey, what better way to start than with a trip to New York, USA? (Haha, sorry, i just had to put that in! ;p)

For reasons beyond my control, I have not been able to travel out of Malaysia since I came here from England when I was 7 years old.. *sob* So instead, what I did was travel all over Sabah!! Haha.. N if I don't get to travel out of the country soon, be prepared to see me in every state in M'sia~!! Cz I get bored. I dont sit still. N I wanna see places I've never seen before!! So if anyone wants to sponsor me *ahem*, please do let me know!! ;p

But no matter what happens, if, sorry, WHEN (gotta stay positive ;p) I win Maybelline Simply Fabulous, I will go to New York, n finally break free in the land of liberty!! Wahahahaha~!! You see how excited I am? Cant u just feel it? Well in that case, please please please help me achieve my dream, n VOTE for me starting 28th Sept!! It only takes up 30% of the results (70% is based on judges), but hey, 30% is 30% nearer to my goal, n 30% nearer to travelling to the US of A!! When I come back, who knows where I'll go? But I can promise you this: Be prepared for many more stories and photos from around the world.

Love you ppl!! Xoxo *wink*

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I dedicate this post to my beloved... Potatoes...

I cant even begin to describe the love I feel for you.
You are so yummy, I can even eat your skin..
I love you roasted, mashed, fried, steamed, baked...
I love you on your own, in soup, with butter, with gravy, with salt and vinegar...
Any way you are prepared, you will always be my favourite...
Ah - Potatoes.

I could have you every day and not get bored.
Your creamy texture, I cannot refuse;
Your sweet fragrance, I cannot deny.
I feel I'm in heaven every time I taste you;
Oh my! I'm addicted; obsessed!
Ah - Potatoes!

Monday, 14 September 2009

New photos!!

Levi's Promo Shoot - Red Tab Tee & Curves Jeans

New photos from the contest were posted up, so I thought I'd post a few of them here, plus my profile vid.. Haha.. Enjoy ppl, n again, honest opinions greatly appreciated!!

Profile 4 - Calista & Kim

After our task at the party in 21 Kitchen & Bar

Press Conference in process.. ;p

Another angle of my 'vision' =)

Also, there have been a few more write-ups, so links here!






Anyone see any other articles, please please drop me the link!! *kisses*

Saturday, 12 September 2009

My profile video's out!! =D

So it's out!! My profile video is in Profile 4 on the site, which again, is!! Have you seen it? What do you think? I like it a lot more than I was expecting to!! haha~ I've gotten some good comments so far, so I hope everyone likes it.. Feedback anyone? =)
Profile photo.. =)

I can't wait for the webisodes to come out.. So impatient!! We also did the press conference early this week.. I was SO happy to see the girls, the crew, n everyone else I've become friends with in that short amount of time!! Went to Preeta's (her apartment is gorgeous.. Kudos to her mom, who I assume is the mastermind behind all the interior design? ;p), then we had b'fast at a mamak called Devi's, which is really near her place..

When we got to Sri Pentas, where the press conference was being held, I immediately went hyper again!! Having literally NO sleep the nite b4 (tis is wat happens when u put me n Jovanny in a rom together after not gossiping in so long, hii!!), I sometimes doubt I'm human.. But anyway, the press conference went well, except for the part where I had to speak on stage (intro n answer a question). Nerves r rili bad, as my mind went blank! Plus, I didnt really wanna repeat wat the others had said.. Hmm.. O well.. I think I did good with the interview with The Star newspaper.. They picked 4 of us, which was Nalin, Sue, Steffy and I (The gang! =D) to do the interview upstairs, away from the crowd.. I also got a short interview in wif another paper, but I didnt catch where she was from.. So, if ANYONE sees ANY coverage whatsoever of the Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous in any newspapers, magazines and so on, please do let me know!!

After the conference, a few of us made our way out for makan (food). We ended up at Old Town White Coffee in a place called Centrepoint.. Not all of us could join though (*pout*), so in the end it was just Preeta, Sue, Nalin, Steffy, Zhareen (plus bf, Ian), and I.. At the end of it I was a bit down cz i didnt wanna leave these gals so soon.. I have so much fun when I'm with them!! But Sue & I managed a little trip to Steffy's place for an hour or so, so I was happy.. haha.. Not gonna see them for another month!! *sniff*

I've had so much fun, I really dont want this experience to end.. I want October to come quickly, so that we can all have fun again, but at the same time, October marks the end of this journey together.. I know whether I win or not (I seriously hope with all my heart I DO!), I will be taking this experience and new friends with me.. N that, is priceless..

Monday, 7 September 2009

Go watch the vids!!

The profile vids are out!! =D Ok, so maybe not my personal one yet, but u can catch me in d 1st vid, during top 100 auditions (for some reason, my voice is so low when recorded!! But my profile vid is gonna sound so funny.. Lol.. Cz I just had to lose my voice on that day.. *rolls eyes*), and also, if u look closely, u'll c me jumping up and down in d mirrow behind Steffy in her vid!! Lol~ Cant believe I was caught doin tat.. Tsk tsk~ ;p So yea, catch the vids here, tell me what you think so far, n if u have anything u wanna say bout d other gals, lemme know!! I'll pass good comments on, I promise!!

Girls, we're finally ON SCREEN!! Xoxo~!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Maybelline Simply Fabulous, here I AM!!

And it's out!!

Our profile pix (and where u MUST vote when the show starts~ Hihii..) are on (straight to my profile to make it easier.. Muahaha~)

And we have bloggers blogging about us so here are links to the teasers:





I'm so excited!! Any comments? Good or bad, lemme know!! I'll be updating you on any more blogs or additional info or even mere MENTION of me n d comp.. Haha~ Looking forward to it!!

Friday, 4 September 2009

And so it starts...

So the webisodes havent even aired yet, and I already have my 1st hater. It wasnt anything major, but I think it deserves a mention as my 1st step into stardom. LOL!!

So anyway, I had this note on facebook titled "My Kind Of Guy". It's 1 of those Q & A notes that are makin their rounds on fb and I was bored and I was tagged, so I gave it a go. This was a few days ago. All of a sudden, this random guy who I DONT EVEN KNOW put a comment "bullxxxx" on it. So I checked his profile. The only mutual friend we had was another SF contestant. So I commented back, thinking he wouldnt be stupid enough to reply. It went something along the lines of "Erm, excuse me (his name), were you invited to view this note? Ur not even on my frens list, and no1 wants ur opinion here." Hey, I wasnt rude was I? So after a few minutes he replies again: "bullxxxx...2". I couldnt b bothered, so I just blocked him, n deleted the comments. Then I called my fren n told her about it. I think she has the right to know. He's ruining her name by doing stuff like this, n I'd just like him to know, if he comes across this, that all 10 of us are frens. Yea we're in a competition, but we're FRENS n we dont go around tryin to badmouth the others, so wat right do u have to do it?

Anyway, not gonna waste my time on it. A fren n I decided he must'v not qualified with the 50 criteria that was my note, so he got mad at himself. Haha.. Stalkers.. Sad. But we were warned, and I guess we'll have to get used to ppl putting us down.. Tats wat reality shows are for rite? N i'm not taking my silly / ugly photos off fb, cz I am who I am, n anyway, I'd rather ppl take em off my site than finding them later on.. Hihii~

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I'll say it again: I"M BORED!!

I know, I know.. You're probably thinking "Well, get a job then woman!", but, I like being like this for now.. Yes, I've gotten lazy, but am trying to make the most out of my time. Usually, this translates into me being 'busy', and I can honestly say, I dont know what happens to my time.. I just get very, very bored at night, around say, 10pm, when I can no longer do things that should be done.. Sigh.. Hopeless I tell you.. And anyway, it isnt like I havent got a job.. Just cz I dnt work 9 - 5 doesnt mean I'm lazing around doing nothing.

I'm so looking forward to next week.. I wanna pack now!! Haha~ Press conference, here I come!! I hope everyone is missing me as much as I miss them.. Hmm.. Spent a boring weekend in Labuan, and I was so wishing I could be spending it at Peninsula !! Got a good 2 hour (overdue) chat in with Jov tho, so that was good..

I'm also looking forward to the webisodes that should be out soon! I'm dreading to see what I'll look and sound like, but at the same time, oh-so-excited!! I'll be waiting in anticipation for a new webisode every day, and I hope you guys are too!! Feel free to leave me any comments you want after watching.. ;p

September doesnt seem to have much coming up, so that's basically the highlights of the month for me, for now anyways.. Just had Korean wif Leonard, Jennifer etc, and will be having Japanese wif Elvina soon so yippee!! Hihii~ I also had my 2nd vaccination injection for Hepatitis A & B, so I dont need to go for my final dosage til January.. Good, I dont like needles!! But what has to be done, has to be done I s'pose.. Better safe than sorry!

Before I go, lemme jz leave you with a teaser:

Top 10 Fabulosity!

R U ready for this?? ;p

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

After 3 weekends~

So. I just got back to KK after nearly 3 weeks (18 days to be exact) in KL, shooting 8tv's Maybelline Simply Fabulous.. I was SO relieved that all the gals were (are!) so nice!! I'v made great frens with them, and am so looking forward to meeting up again!! The production crew are da bomb, and everyone we met was the sweetest!! I havent had this much fun in a long, long time.. *sigh of contentment*

Alright, I'm not gonna write about the shooting AT ALL, cz I dont wanna spoil the fun of watching the show.. Just be prepared for some funny moments, and enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed shooting!! All I can say is ~!! Somebody call 911~!! AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem ahem. Sorry. Inside joke. *wink*

PS: Here's a shoutout to all you fabulous girlies! -

Nalin (roomie~!!)
Sue (the dancer)
Steffy (the gangsta butterfly)
Diana (miss "conservative")
Preeta (the 1 I blame for giving me an Indian accent throughout the show)
Syifa (Miley~!)
Kim (stop pulling ur top!)
Bei Shan (counsellor in the making)
Zhareen (baby of the group!)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

8TV - Maybelline Simply Fabulous

Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg!!!! I did it, I really got through to the top 10!! I'm so excited!! Not to mention nervous~ Lol.. Will update soon!! =D

Monday, 27 July 2009

Great New Site - Real Associate Learning Guides

You gotta join!

Check out our new website for learning guides. Real Associates Learning Guides focus on Modeling, Fashion Show Organisations, and Event Management and Coordination. If you're interested to learn about these fields and to get into this market, then check out our website and join our community. Be the first to comment, ask for advice, or post jobs. Love to see you there.

The link is

Basically it's a site for aspiring models, those interested in setting up there own modeling studios or agencies, those who wanna know more about the event industry, and even those who are thinking of setting up their own boutiques etc.. You just join, setup your own profile, like on facebook, friendster, myspace (it's as easy), then you can add friends, leave comments, read the site's regular blog posts, and look through the guide we have for sale on all kinds of subjects!

Even if you think you're not interested in any of the stuff mentioned above, hey, just come and join as you can meke new friends, have a bit of fun, and we'll be adding more and more stuff in the future!! There's something for everyone.. =D

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Sometimes, my life is wonderful...

Today is yet another happy day, punctuated with love.

Went window shopping with Mel at Wisma, and saw these gorgeous booties, v. high fashion, not that expensive either. But I'm still thinking whether to get them.. Havent been working this month, but still spent quite a bit of $.. Hmm.. Last pair, in exactly my size!! Sigh.. Shopaholics Anonymous here I come..


Then I had a meeting, which went well and finished off with dinner. So Ray comes and picks me up, right on time (I was feeling bad cz I didnt know I'd be having dinner with them and he'd already come halfway down to town to pick me up). When we get home, I was just mentioning that they hadn't got the bag I wanted from Nike in CP or Wisma, only in 1B, when he said "Are you sure?" I was like, yeah, I went to have a quick look. Then he gave me his smile (the one where you just know this boy is up to something), opened up the back seat and what do I see? A Nike bag, that he bought for me to not waste his trip down to town. Sweetness!! This is why I love the guy, can never accuse him of being unromantic!! I mean, he already said he was gonna buy it for me, but I was thinking we'd just get it if it was still there when we went back to the original place.. But he loves giving me surprises..

And another thing is, I have a new friend!! =) Another petite model, all the way across the other side of the world!! 2 of us will be a force to be reckoned with girl!! Let's educate these people on the hotness of us "shortys"!! (Hey, in hip-hop terms it does mean hot chick, so we're on the right track eh? ;p)

Nothing. Just... Happy.

Today seems like such a good day!! Got a promo job to do, more jobs coming up, an opportunity to do some rili meaningful events that I've been wanting to do, great responses to my online portfolio, an encouraging email from an agency (fingers crossed it all comes through!), and maybe, just maybe, another shoot coming up!! =D Could it be, this month is the start of everything? Please please let it be!!

Hope this isn't copywrited~ Sorry in advance if it is~ Just that my nickname is CHIHUAHUA too!! ;p

I support women and children not being abused. Whether physically, mentally, sexually... Abuse scars a person for life. Say NO to violence. Never abuse another being. Never allow the abuse to continue by keeping quiet, whether it is happening to you, or someone else. As heard on hitz fm: "Your silence is as bad as the abuse."

Saturday, 11 July 2009

I have self-esteem and self-worth. You should try it some time.

Bitches, listen. I don't know what exactly your problems are with me, or why you feel so threatened, but STEP OFF. I'm sick of your insults. I'm sick of the "playing" comments that you make. And it's just a bit too obvious that you only do it to 1. Be spiteful, and 2. Cz your jealous.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I can take a joke, especially when it's about myself. Hell, I'm usually the one making them. But there is such a thing as too much, and there are ways to say things without blatantly trying to put me down all the time. Let's see, what do you "joke" about? Well let's start with the obvious shall we? I know I'm short, but can you please accept the fact that I am 100% ok with my height? If I don't have a problem with it, what's yours? As I always say, if your not as tall as my dear friend Sharin, who is 5' 11" btw, then shut up. 5' 4" does not make you "tall". 5' 6" does not make you "model-like". It just makes you average. And if you go somewhere like say the USA, you will be short, get it? Average height there is 5' 7". Which you don't reach. The only qualms I have with my height, which I freely make public knowledge, is when a) I see clothes that I can't wear, b) I think about the fact that I will never be a runway model. But let's face the facts: neither will you. FYI, average height accepted for runway is 5' 8". Way below it, bitches. So if you just blend in with the crowd cz you're just the same height as everyone else, why the pride? At least people notice me cz I'm special.

Another "favourite" of you gals is my weight. Another FYI: I'm not fat. Just cz I have boobs, an ass and an actual body shape, don't get all up in my face. Sure, my tummy's more bloated than yours, but let me assure you that my tummy is not what people look at when I go out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm perfect. I know I can afford to lose some weight, and I do want to. But I would never trade up my little flaws for a stick of a body like yours. If I'm gonna get slimmer, I'm gonna damn well make sure my "assets" stay put too. Oh, and while we're on the subject, having a bra size 36 does not mean you have actual boobs. Just means you've go a wide back. Cup size counts, airheads; not the 32/34/36 you seem to be so happy about, it's the A/B/C/D cup. Or in most of you gals' cases, the AA cup. Let's put it this way. If my body was so bad, would you keep mentioning it? Do you mention the fat gal's weight everytime you go out? I don't think so.

I find it amazing that you gals can not even know each other, yet can all do/say the same kind of things. Why the insecurity? Why do you need to put me down when it's so obvious that yes, you are taller and slimmer than me. Doesn't make you hotter, sorry. N to the few that say it out of spite? Bitch, please. Get a life. As I said, I can take a joke. And it's not everyone who makes me feel this way. Just a few "friends" I have in my life. Other than when they say it so poisonously, I don't mind at all (except when you make the same comment/joke over and over. Then I just feel bored and irritated).

This Calista bitch sounds arrogant, you say? Well I'm just sick of taking insults from others and brushing them off, while the same gals can't take the tiniest of jokes and become all defensive if you say the slightest thing about them. Just a little piece of advice: Do NOT make my inner bitch surface. Believe me, this post will look like I'm complimenting you.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

F & N Event~

About 2 weeks ago I was the emcee for the F & N Freestylz conpetition. It was all about bboying, so I met some really cool dancers, including 1 I've worked with before. His name is Juicy and is now a pro dancer in KL. Man, can this guy dance! Didnt manage to get that many pix of him, but here are a couple of some of the bboys in action!

And this little guy, can you say wow? Future Wade Robson I tell you~ I can't post a video (cz it is not uploading even though it has been "in progress" for about 3 hours each day, which is why this post is late actually~), but here are some pix to share the comel-ness!
Because my dad was so into the dancing, I apparently wasn't important enough so I have no photos. ... Thanks a lot, dad!! Grr~ But let me entertain you with photos of a KL-based singer/producer who we had the chance to meet, Junior. We were also lucky enough to get a free show!! Hii~ ;p

The organizers were fun, Alex & Hailey from Red Antz Events, and so were the 2 DJs I met along the way, who took pity of me and my megaphone, and let me use the mic.. Thanks a BUNCH guys!! All in all, even though we had a few bumps along the way, it was a good 5 days..

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