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Friday, 27 February 2009

Upcoming events

Well, January was very quiet. Silent actually. Nothing happened at all events-wise. Then February came along, and it was.. Ok.. Enuf I s'pose.. Nothing for me mind, just for some of the others, but I got commission so i'm happy.. Not as happy as March tho.. There WAS supposed to be a photo shoot for me and 1 of the other models, but unfortunately we had to reject as the photographer wanted a SI-like shoot.. Not for us I'm afraid.. =( BUT. March. =D Hair show coming up, and anyone who knows me knows I love hair shows.. I love getting my hair cur n coloured by the pros.. I mean, what else could you ask for? A brand new look, 1 u prolly wouldn't have event thought of by yourself. A PRO doing your hair. Free cut. Free colouring. N get PAID! Another plus is being on stage, haha... Total look-at-me status. (Not to mention after a while all the salons know wh u r. Oops.) Anyway. Being me, I had to agree to drama again. Like the 1st time (waist-length hair cut into a boy cut) wasnt enough drama for this lifetime eh. This time not so bad ma, shoulder-length cut into a boy cut. =) N yes, all u gals out there must be gasping at this weirdo. But i like it. It's fun. Long hair is boring. Be adventurous y don't u? Ur only young once.

Then after that, I have a photoshoot. I love photoshoots. He's this new photographer in KK. I'm sure we'll work well together. Location and theme to be confirmed. If anyone out there has any suggestions, I'd be VERY happy to hear about them. Outfit searching is a nightmare, thanks to my very limited wardrobe, but I'll find something. Will post pix up when they're done, of both events.

So yeah, that's all i've got for now. O, another event in March (tbc) is a promoter thing, but not me again, i just help find the right gals. But still, money's money. N darn do i need more of that.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Stalkers Part 2

Sigh. N I officially know that I have a new stalker. On my phone. Why oh why do I give out my num?? Network my a**. Networking never seems to work for me. I want WORK contacts. For modelling. Events. Even a job when I need 1. But NOT for u to keep msging n calling randomly. I HAVE A BF!! Told u tat. N I'm BUSY.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Stalkers & Clubbing

So we went clubbing last Sat, to Shen.. Me, Oli, Elvina, Mel, n Oli's friends. We spent half the night waiting for Jovanny, but when she finally showed, her frens wanted to go BED so she ikut. Such a bitch la u!! Humph~Anyway, yea. As usual.. I went there all dolled up, to mosh. I know, i know, contrast.. but I don't care.. That's my kinda dancing n if u have a problem wif me not doing ur grinding, slutty dance moves to show off n watch who's watchin u, I jz dont care. Read my lips. I. go. dancing. for. me. And only me. I'm not there to hook guys. I have a steady bf thank u very much. N no1 measures up to him. So no, I'm not after ur bf, get a life.

Anyway. For some reason, I have stalkers. Weird, irritating stalkers. Ugh. Oli is as annoyed as I am at these ppl. Y r u stalking me? I'm not famous. I'm not slutty. N for the last time: I DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL!! Wat's so hard to believe? Just cz u can't hv a good time without getting drunk, doesnt mean I cant!! So when I refuse that drink, don't take it personally. I jz dont want alcohol. N I don't dance with strangers. I barely dance with my friends. It's a personal choice. Accept me n my choices why don't you?? I don't like u sitting across the bar watching my every move. I don't like u to keep trying to talk to me. I don't like you keep trying to come and dance with me. N if u even TRY to put ur hands on me I WILL slap u. Leave me alone n let me enjoy my night. I don't like it when u try to force me n my frens to go sit at ur table. I'm flattered that you're interested, but take a hint. It's embarrassing. N remember, stalkers can be arrested.

Monday, 23 February 2009

My Job

Ok. When you read this you're prolly gonna think "spoilt bitch" or "She doesnt know when she's got it good" or somethin of d sort. But I'm gonna write anyway.

I work in an office. At a sound n lights company. I have basically nothing to do except sit here all day. I used to hate it, until after 3mths, I found the wonders of the net (hence this blog actually). Now, I hate it when they ask me to do anything. Actually, that's not true. When they ask me to do the same thing over n over again. That's wat I hate. n the way they tell u to do it. Damn. I don't need this job rmb? Bt RM1xxx a mth for surfin d net n doing my own stuf? Kinda way too much to give up huh? Sigh.. Which is why I sit here boiling away at things that they repeat. I know it's not just me, as more than 1 member of the staff has quit for the exact reasons I scream at my bf in frustration everyday. Luckily, he's a bitch too so we have fun with it. =)

I'm lucky to have such an easy job. So I guess have to give n take with other things. Esp as so many ppl HVNT got jobs these days. I jz need to complain alright? It's wat I do. I'm a pessimist. I AM a capricorn after all. N complaining / bitching is my main hobby. I enjoy it. So there.

Anyway, Can't rili b bothered at this moment in time to write everything that annoys me about these ppl, so I'll leave it at that. Any1 who has been in contact with them will know what I'm on about anyway. As I said, WAY more than 1 staff member. N clients are annoyed, not to mention acquantances. So I'll stay in this office, fuming, but enjoying myself at the same time. =)

Friday, 20 February 2009


Since i can remember, people around me have always told me I'm lucky. I never used to feel lucky at all. Things never seemed to go my way etc etc. But now, thinking back, and looking at my life now, I am lucky. Well, luckier than a lot of people. I might not get everything i want, or even everything I (think) I need. Let's look at it this way. Basics. I've got a roof over my head. Food whenever I'm hungry. I don't need to work my a** off just to get by in life. Yeah, my family's not rich. We have basically just enough. But I'm not talking about my family. I'm talking about me. When i was little, my family had enought to give me little 'extras'. When i got to high school, part-time jobs came easy to me. My parents raised me well. I graduated. Passed in the top half of my form, without studying too hard (actually, ddt really study at all ;p). Then, jobs were easy. I got paid enough. I can buy things I want without counting out every penny. Got a bf who was just the same (financially) as me. but time went by, n tat once-poor guy I fell in love with makes more money than 90% of anyone I know who's his age. Did I bring him luck? Most people seem to think so. I've accomplished so many things that people said I couldn't. Yes, this has a lot to do with attitude n how much u want it, but seriously, luck man. Dropped into a job I loved by fate. Have a great job waiting for me in another country. When my 1st job had to end cos of unfortunate circumstances (not on my part, but it sure felt like it was mine), I had job offers galore. Me, a tiny girl who ddt further her studies. Who noone really knows whether or what I'm capable of doing, but for some reason believe in me so much. My family is together, and safe. I wasnt blessed with what people think is the 'perfect' height, but hey, I love being small. N if u don't believe me, don't. Just cz u don't accept me, I accept myself. Have for a long time. Anything you can find wrong with me, I can tell you why it's good. I dare you, come on, try. Anyway, I could go on n on. But i won't. Cz I finally see it: I AM lucky. N I won't ever take it for granted again.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Post 1.

After a very low day, I decided to finally join the crowd n get a blog. Wonder if I'll keep it up, or get too lazy.. Hmm.. Only time will tell I guess..