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Friday, 20 February 2009


Since i can remember, people around me have always told me I'm lucky. I never used to feel lucky at all. Things never seemed to go my way etc etc. But now, thinking back, and looking at my life now, I am lucky. Well, luckier than a lot of people. I might not get everything i want, or even everything I (think) I need. Let's look at it this way. Basics. I've got a roof over my head. Food whenever I'm hungry. I don't need to work my a** off just to get by in life. Yeah, my family's not rich. We have basically just enough. But I'm not talking about my family. I'm talking about me. When i was little, my family had enought to give me little 'extras'. When i got to high school, part-time jobs came easy to me. My parents raised me well. I graduated. Passed in the top half of my form, without studying too hard (actually, ddt really study at all ;p). Then, jobs were easy. I got paid enough. I can buy things I want without counting out every penny. Got a bf who was just the same (financially) as me. but time went by, n tat once-poor guy I fell in love with makes more money than 90% of anyone I know who's his age. Did I bring him luck? Most people seem to think so. I've accomplished so many things that people said I couldn't. Yes, this has a lot to do with attitude n how much u want it, but seriously, luck man. Dropped into a job I loved by fate. Have a great job waiting for me in another country. When my 1st job had to end cos of unfortunate circumstances (not on my part, but it sure felt like it was mine), I had job offers galore. Me, a tiny girl who ddt further her studies. Who noone really knows whether or what I'm capable of doing, but for some reason believe in me so much. My family is together, and safe. I wasnt blessed with what people think is the 'perfect' height, but hey, I love being small. N if u don't believe me, don't. Just cz u don't accept me, I accept myself. Have for a long time. Anything you can find wrong with me, I can tell you why it's good. I dare you, come on, try. Anyway, I could go on n on. But i won't. Cz I finally see it: I AM lucky. N I won't ever take it for granted again.

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