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Monday, 23 February 2009

My Job

Ok. When you read this you're prolly gonna think "spoilt bitch" or "She doesnt know when she's got it good" or somethin of d sort. But I'm gonna write anyway.

I work in an office. At a sound n lights company. I have basically nothing to do except sit here all day. I used to hate it, until after 3mths, I found the wonders of the net (hence this blog actually). Now, I hate it when they ask me to do anything. Actually, that's not true. When they ask me to do the same thing over n over again. That's wat I hate. n the way they tell u to do it. Damn. I don't need this job rmb? Bt RM1xxx a mth for surfin d net n doing my own stuf? Kinda way too much to give up huh? Sigh.. Which is why I sit here boiling away at things that they repeat. I know it's not just me, as more than 1 member of the staff has quit for the exact reasons I scream at my bf in frustration everyday. Luckily, he's a bitch too so we have fun with it. =)

I'm lucky to have such an easy job. So I guess have to give n take with other things. Esp as so many ppl HVNT got jobs these days. I jz need to complain alright? It's wat I do. I'm a pessimist. I AM a capricorn after all. N complaining / bitching is my main hobby. I enjoy it. So there.

Anyway, Can't rili b bothered at this moment in time to write everything that annoys me about these ppl, so I'll leave it at that. Any1 who has been in contact with them will know what I'm on about anyway. As I said, WAY more than 1 staff member. N clients are annoyed, not to mention acquantances. So I'll stay in this office, fuming, but enjoying myself at the same time. =)

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