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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Stalkers & Clubbing

So we went clubbing last Sat, to Shen.. Me, Oli, Elvina, Mel, n Oli's friends. We spent half the night waiting for Jovanny, but when she finally showed, her frens wanted to go BED so she ikut. Such a bitch la u!! Humph~Anyway, yea. As usual.. I went there all dolled up, to mosh. I know, i know, contrast.. but I don't care.. That's my kinda dancing n if u have a problem wif me not doing ur grinding, slutty dance moves to show off n watch who's watchin u, I jz dont care. Read my lips. I. go. dancing. for. me. And only me. I'm not there to hook guys. I have a steady bf thank u very much. N no1 measures up to him. So no, I'm not after ur bf, get a life.

Anyway. For some reason, I have stalkers. Weird, irritating stalkers. Ugh. Oli is as annoyed as I am at these ppl. Y r u stalking me? I'm not famous. I'm not slutty. N for the last time: I DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL!! Wat's so hard to believe? Just cz u can't hv a good time without getting drunk, doesnt mean I cant!! So when I refuse that drink, don't take it personally. I jz dont want alcohol. N I don't dance with strangers. I barely dance with my friends. It's a personal choice. Accept me n my choices why don't you?? I don't like u sitting across the bar watching my every move. I don't like u to keep trying to talk to me. I don't like you keep trying to come and dance with me. N if u even TRY to put ur hands on me I WILL slap u. Leave me alone n let me enjoy my night. I don't like it when u try to force me n my frens to go sit at ur table. I'm flattered that you're interested, but take a hint. It's embarrassing. N remember, stalkers can be arrested.

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