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Friday, 27 February 2009

Upcoming events

Well, January was very quiet. Silent actually. Nothing happened at all events-wise. Then February came along, and it was.. Ok.. Enuf I s'pose.. Nothing for me mind, just for some of the others, but I got commission so i'm happy.. Not as happy as March tho.. There WAS supposed to be a photo shoot for me and 1 of the other models, but unfortunately we had to reject as the photographer wanted a SI-like shoot.. Not for us I'm afraid.. =( BUT. March. =D Hair show coming up, and anyone who knows me knows I love hair shows.. I love getting my hair cur n coloured by the pros.. I mean, what else could you ask for? A brand new look, 1 u prolly wouldn't have event thought of by yourself. A PRO doing your hair. Free cut. Free colouring. N get PAID! Another plus is being on stage, haha... Total look-at-me status. (Not to mention after a while all the salons know wh u r. Oops.) Anyway. Being me, I had to agree to drama again. Like the 1st time (waist-length hair cut into a boy cut) wasnt enough drama for this lifetime eh. This time not so bad ma, shoulder-length cut into a boy cut. =) N yes, all u gals out there must be gasping at this weirdo. But i like it. It's fun. Long hair is boring. Be adventurous y don't u? Ur only young once.

Then after that, I have a photoshoot. I love photoshoots. He's this new photographer in KK. I'm sure we'll work well together. Location and theme to be confirmed. If anyone out there has any suggestions, I'd be VERY happy to hear about them. Outfit searching is a nightmare, thanks to my very limited wardrobe, but I'll find something. Will post pix up when they're done, of both events.

So yeah, that's all i've got for now. O, another event in March (tbc) is a promoter thing, but not me again, i just help find the right gals. But still, money's money. N darn do i need more of that.

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