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Monday, 9 March 2009


I thought gold is repairable?! So why did you ruin my gold bracelet by soldering it together!! Looks so ugly lo ok!! ... Now gold's so expensive, I have to trade in the one you ruined to get a new one~ Plus tambah some more money~ Ugh~ "Sifu" wa~ Wat sifu? Ur pro gold shop sifu is crap ok?? ...


  1. So you can get another "weighttY" bracelet .. you should thanks the PRO Sifu ok~! .. hidden pro .. XD

  2. Bought by ME ok~ Han si bo lui dy, shopaholic me~ Haha~ But of cos, I have no self-control so I bought~ Will put a pic up soon of my self-made charm bracelet.. =D

  3. i never know u gt any talent on D.I.Y .. muahaha~ we both doesn have any~