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Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Hey guys, I've decided to write a few posts on modeling, hopefully you it'll help you hopefuls out there, and let the others realize that modeling is not a glam job, but hard work and passion. I may not have the most experience, I may not be the model everyone wants to work with, but I HAVE got experience front AND backstage, so it helps me understand a little bit more.. PLUS I am NOT a prima donna, so I'll tell you as it is, and the kind of attitude clients like. *angelic smile*

Let's start with Hair Modeling, as I've been doing quite a few of those.

Rule 1: Models should NEVER be afraid of cutting their hair. Remember, these are professionals, most of them travel around the world doing this. They know what type of cut n colour will make you look your best. If they make you look ugly, do you think they look good in front of all the other professionals around? NO. They need you to look your best to show that THEY are the best. And usually you come out looking even better (a la ANTM makeovers).
My first hair show, I wont lie, I was terrified. Waist-length hair suddenly all choppd off into a bob (I thought that's how it was gonna be, in the end it turned out to be a BOY-CUT!). But I thought, well long hair is boring, split ends n all.. And DO YOU WANT THIS OPPORTUNITY OR NOT?? So I agreed, in a heartbeat. And it came out great! PLUS, it got me addicted to hair shows~ ;p Here's a couple of pictures to show you how drastic the change was:

Rule 2: Get addicted. If you get addicted, you're showing everyone how versatile and easy you are to work with. Imagine how good your portfolio will look with all different hair styles n colours? As opposed to a model who may be taller, skinnier, even prettier than you, but looks exactly the same throughout the whole book? And it shows clients that you are willing o be adventurous, to go the extra mile for your job, and their product.

Rule 3: Have fun! Hair shows can take a while, whether its a full-blown show, workshop, or seminar, or even a photoshoot. Prep ALWAYS takes a whole day. So be prepared: keep your diary empty, hp fully-charged, bring water (although a lot of clients provide), and last but not least - be friendly to the other models. Believe me, having someone to talk to make the time pass WAY faster.

Rule 4: Wear the right clothes. Yes, I know, you're a model. You have to look good ALL the time. But when you're getting your hair prepped, I'd recommend wearing a top that you wouldnt mind ruining so much. I'm not saying wear your tatty house shirt, but a nice tshirt maybe. Why? Because you never know, while 3 technicians are rushing to colour & wash 10 models' hair all at once, they might drip bleach or colour on your favourite top and ruin it. I've seen this happen to more than one model already. And you're going to be sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day, commen sense tell you to at least wear clothes that are a little more comfortable right? So mini skirts n clingy tops? A definate no-no.

Rule 5 (This is a good one): You are NOT judged on your looks! Anyone can be a hair show model, though for big shows they usually do want height. But for workshops, seminars, classes etc, they just want you to have the right HAIR. So if you'd like to get a new style, and don't mind what it is as long as it looks good, I recommend listening out for any hair shows coming up, and give it a try! But don't feel rejected if you don't get chosen: Go home, look after your hair (get a trim, use the right shampoo n conditioner, and a hair mask if possible), and try again next time!

Rule 6: How do stylists usually define good hair? Well, the ultimate love is of course, long-ish virgin hair. What does that mean?? Virgin hair is hair that has never been coloured, permed, straightened etc. No chemicals have been put onto it. No, don't despair. You can have virgin hair again. When all the chemically treated hair grows out and is cut off, the new hair you have is.. Virgin hair! So take care of this, and you'll be a fave amongst hair stylists arond the globe. But if you DON'T have virgin hair? Basically they like hair that is not too straight, not too curly / frizzy, and not too short. It can't be too dry or have too many split ends unless you're going really short. And NEVER colour your hair black, or go for rebonding, as hair that has gone through this is barely ever useable to the stylist.

Rule 7: Do NOT under ANY circumstances be a Prima Donna! I've shared the stage (& salon) with i-don't-know-how-many of these 'models'. If you're serious about modelling, you should know that more important than height, looks, and size, is your PROFESSIONALISM. This can sell almost any model. Clients don't have time nor patience to deal with you going "HAH~ Really wanna cut so short meh~" or "I think I suit this colour better lo~", or the BEST: "When I go on stage must look pretty ma.. Why are you styling my hair like this? Like THIS is nicer lo.." . . . . . . HELLO!! Who's qualified to be a hair stylist here? You, or the designer? N WHO's show is it? Who's paying you? I mean O M G. ...

Rule 8: When on stage, make eye contact with the audience, and SMILE. Don't look scared, or about to cry, or look like a crazy-head grinning like mad either. Blank is a good expression, with smiles to the audience in between. And when it's done, remember you're modelling the HAIR, not you. Focus point is always the hair.

Rule 9 - and this is for EVERY modeling job you do: NEVER underestimate any of the other models. You may think she's too short to model (like me), or too fat, or not pretty enough.. But I have to tell you: Please look deep into your mirror, and start to notice that you yourself are not perfect! Don't think you are better than anyone. Don't walk around snooty faced. Don't try to teach the other models how to walk, unless they either ask, or you can see they really do need help! (and even then, help, not show off!) You just embarrass yourself by thinking you are superior, because most of the time, you are not!

So there you have it, hair show tips. Remember, this is from my experience, and from my point of view. I'm not saying you should all agree with me, and I'm not saying I'm 100% correct, so don't bombard me with insults if you think I'm wrong k? ;p I hope you learned something from it! Please do ask if you want to know more, I'd be glad to tell you all I know....

Will be posting up more about other types of modelling etc when I get the chance.. Lemme know what you think!


  1. I love it!!! Well done Calista. Keep on blogging... keeps me informed too....
    And your notes to hair models.... that was so insightful... from a models point of view. Well done. Proud of you. You really did learn alot didnt you darling.
    love you.