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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

My week so far~

I ACHE!! EVERYWHERE!! Haha~ Got this 2 weeks free trial pass at Core Fitness, so of course, I never pass up a freebie! ;p But MAN am I outta shape!! We had a nice personal trainer who was teaching us how to use the machines, his name was Yus.. I'm going with Emylia btw, who is oh-so-much-fitter than me (Hey! Don't judge! She is an athlete after all! =p). So he was there and making sure we actually worked it.. 15 repetitions / 4 sets.. on EVERY machine he took us too! Haha~ At least I know I have muscles now.. N I'm alien-like.. End of the 2hours we were there, and I didnt even break a sweat!! The closest I got to it was a VERY thin layer of oil on me. Shows you how unhealthy I am eh.. Sigh~ But I WILL get through these 2weeks, n everyday too! Yus said if I wanna lose my tummy I have to learn to be disciplined with my eating.. Damn.. That's my biggest weakness: food! But I will try.. Erm.. Yea.. ...

Next topic.. haha~ Went for my monthly facial on Sunday~ My skin has become SO dry.. Think it's the weather.. It's crazy!! I mean real patches of rough, dry skin! But it's a lot better after the facial, so I just have to keep it up.. Sigh.. the things I do for the things I love.. I am SO not a skincare person.. In school I was the wake-up-15-mins-before-I-need-to-go-out type.. Now 15mins only just covers my skincare!! ... And watching what I eat? O.M.G. ... So u see? DE~dicated or not?? Hahaa~ N I have a question: WHY does all the food that's bad for you taste so DAMN good?? How is one s'posed to have self-control n self-discipline? ...

And shopaholic that I am, I need to stop buying! I've controlled myself a little now.. Stopped myself from looking at Ebay.. Haha~ N Ray's not letting me walk around malls for a while.. Really need to save more money.. Gonna need it when my P comes through.. i can't wait!! If anything, it'll stop me obsessing rite?I'm the kinda person who likes to say "at least I tried", so no stopping me til I actually do!!

Well, been kinda busy recently I guess. Not enough hours in the day.. N I need my sleep! Oli keeps me awake all night yapping in my ear.. (Love u Ols! =p) The other night we were up til 6-bloody-am chatting.. Geez.. Just cz u dont have to work.. I had to wake again at 9am!! Been tired ever since.. Night owl I am.. Really need to start sleeping earlier... I like being busy, don't get me wrong, but I wish things would just SPACE themselves.. Not 12345678910 all in one go.. Can't you just be 12 3 4 5 678 9 10? Ok, I'm babbling. Ignore me.

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