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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Past week~

Wow~ So I havent blogged in like.. over a week!! Feel so guilty, as I DID promise myself to blog at least once a wee.. Hmm~ *Sorry Calis~!* ;p

So. Hectic week, as u prolly guessed. I bought a new bracelet, traded in the screwed up 1. Worth it I s'pose, since I was planning to get a new 1 to make my own charm bracelet anyway. Photos will b up hopefully next post. =)

Land Rover carnival went well, n have high hopes for another 1. =D April looks busy, but not confirmed yet, wil keep u posted. =) A little push like this is all I needed, back on track now, planning ahead!! I lost sight of everything for a while, but I'm back!! Not gonna b stuck in this storeroom for any longer than need be!! Was I meant to stay cooped up in a lil storeroom, while dreams pass by? NO! So yes, Calista has her dreams back, n wif them she shall fly!! Haha~

Oli had his surgery las week too~ So sad to see him in so much pain.. =( N I had to be nice to him: Darn! ;p Nah~ U know I love u Oli.. But ya, I NEVER wanna have an operation.. Looks too PAINFUL... But he's doing better now.. So glad~ Proud of him.. If it was me I'd prolly b havin nitemares all the way to d operating theater, then crying my eyes out for a month aft tat!!

Getting more n more frustrated at work.. The things I have to put up with!! ... But I refuse to tell d stories again, No! I am strong, I can take this, it's jz for a couple more mths... *breathebreathebreathe* More opportunities coming up, so I will focus on those..

Anyway, guess that's it for now.. hmm.. will add more as i go along.. using my laptop at work now so much easier.. =)

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  1. Wow, I can feel your busyness, babe. I wish you luck and hope everything goes well with you along the time :)) Don't just work, have fun working too. haha... :) You do know I'm always here and there whenever you need me. haha.. :)