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Saturday, 7 March 2009

A week later~

Hey people! Well, I know I took a long time to post this up, but this week hs been hectic! Let's do a short recap shall we?

Last weekend: Smashing KK Box session wif Elvina n Oli!! Talk bout fun!! N d pix~ LOL!! It's pretty amazing how much fun you can have, 3 friends in a little rom with mics.. Haha~ But 5hours of non-stop singing (screaming) is very, VERY tiring.. =)

Mon / Tue - Still obsessed with googling things (hint: it has to do with wat I wanna do. Hehe.. Cryptic leh! ;p), & ebay!! I finally see how people can get addicted to d net.. I NEED to check my mail ALL d time!! N I feel kinda depressed when I don't get any mail.. Hmm~

Wed / Thurs - Hair show time!! Wed was spent doing the colour for our hair.. My group was Utopia, so we all had to bleach our hair near white!! Poor Oli was in so much pain~ =( 12 hours we spent in tat hair studio!! Talk about tiring.. Then on Thurs we had to get to d hotel early in d morn.. Fast forward, we had so much fun, n the show went GREAT! We all looked fab, no1 forgot what they were s'posed to do, and backstage was hilarious! Here's a group photo:

L - R: Karen, ME, Sarah, Ryz, Vivienne, Sharon, Benson, Gary, Oliver, Marilyn, Amanda

Yesterday I went back into the office, and guess wat? 2 days I left, TWO DAYS.. And now the toilet door is broken, and so is my company computer. My hard work!! I just finished systemizing everything!! Argh~!!!!!!!! SO pissed~ I hate VIRUSES!!!!!

And today? Well, I was in bed til 1.30pm!! Haha~ Exhaustion takes over~~~~~ Well, that's it for me.. Gotta get ready to go out.. Catch up soon!

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