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Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Omg, I cannot tahan liao!! I'm SOOO bored!! I guess everyone can tell though eh, since I've been updating this blog every day... Haha... I'm here sitting in the office with NOTHING to do, and best thing is, everyone's busy with relatives so I have no stress at all... One problem though: I am boredying, as Sharin would say!! I am falling asleep on my laptop... I don't know what to do on the net anymore, Ray's gone to Sandaken, Oli can't use his hp at work so I can't bug him, S'Mal's busy with work, Jovanny is on the phone instead of layan-ing me, Alan is out... Grr~!!

Plus, now I'm hungry. As usual. N I want FOOD, yummy food... KFC, McD, BK, Kenny Rogers... Mmm~ Figures that I love all the food that keeps me fat... Going to gym just keeps me from getting fatter, cz aft gym I go straight down n stufff myself!! ... Gonna be at least 2kgs heavier when I come back from KL, I can feel it!! ;p

Speaking of KL, planning & packing is fun yet... Exhausting... Haha... Plans are NEARLY done, just waiting for a few more details then we should be good... Packing, trying to take as little as possible, so I can bring more back, if you know what I mean... *wink* Can't wait to go, all these mixed emotions swirling round my stomach, I actually felt sick last night!! Anxious, excited, happy... Sigh... Plus got too much to do in 5 days!! Birth cert isn't here yet either.. Slow as usual.. Shud've done it by now, but welcome to this fast-paced place!

Ooh, ooh!! I LOVE my new kittens!! This mommy cat just had 4 kittens at Ray's house, so now they're all mine!! I don't have any photos yet, but I'll post them up soon.. The mommy's a ginger cat called Mommy, then the kittens are all different colours: Black 1 is called Ebony, white 1 Vanilla, grey 1 Snuggie, n the white with brown tips 1 is Dumpling.. Hihii... *love*

Ok, gonna see what's on youtube I guess... Or scrounge through blogs.. Nyehehe...

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  1. ah hah! this is what u do when i leave u behind .. hahaha.. poor thing~!