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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Casual Beach Photo Shoot

Oh, I promised photos, so here they are! Some of the photos from my beach photoshoot. I have the photos from 5 of the photographers, so I'll put 1 from each photographer. =)

Ashley Koh - My main contact

Tnuz - Fastest to post online

Manchew - The bank officer

Yazid - Ready for my close-up!

Fred - The only pic where you can actually see it's at the beach!

So what do you think? Ok or not? I loved working with these guys.. They were so friendly and easy to work with.. Would love to do it again! We we all shy at first, but luckily we got on well and forgot about being shy.. They havent really seen the crazy side of me yet, but let's not scare them away so fast eh? ;p

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