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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I hate Vanessa Hudgens

Ok, so the title has nothing really to do with this post, but in a way, it does. The 'innocent, sweet young girl', who's nude pix came up on the net. Yet another example of someone pretending to be someone they're not. It seems I am surrounded by people like this, n I have to say, it's so annoying!! The girl with an LV bag, yet with cheap clothes, shoes, jewellry, and.. Boyfriend? Haha.. My dear, there are a lot of people who can tell the difference between a fake and a genuine, n no, before anyone wants to ask, I myself do NOT own a bag that costs over RM1k. I do not WANT to own such a bag, at least, not now. As I always say, when I can have over RM1000 in my purse at any given time, I'll buy a thousand ringgit bag. As of now, I cant afford that, so I refuse to save months of salary just to get 1. I'm freaking 22, have a normal job... Not a socialite, or high ranking executive.. I dont have a multi-millionaire as a boyfriend, and neither do I want one. Unless he's self-made, and preferably his name is Ray. Then I'd know for sure I'm not in a relationship with a rich boy who thinks his money can get him whatever he wants.

Then there's the so-called 'friend', who apparently has enough money to buy a block of shops. Yeah right. Where's the small amount of money you have to pay to buy a particular share in a particular coffee shop? Even agreed to let you pay in 2 instalments. Well buddy, you're already overdue! Such a small amount, what's the problem? I mean, you're mummy's SOOOO rich right? Idiot. If you don't have the money, go back to being a little salesman n don't try to fill shoes that are too big for you!! And of course when someone sells a share he'll have a profit, hello, get it through your thick head that said person is not selling cos he has no money, jus no time! He's not desperate for your money, and doesn't have to sell to you! So when you come back from whatever hole you're in "outstation", come talk to me n I'll tell you once and for all: I. Am. Not. Selling. To. You. Go suck an egg. Why don't you give me RM1k a month until you've finished paying then? Yeah, and I'll give you one chair every month. Do you think I'm begging you to buy? Just give back what you've taken n beat it. Other people want it, and are willing to pay more. And a question: If the shop used RM2 to buy this, and sells it at RM4, will you complain that they're getting profit? Duh! Obviously SOMEONE won't succeed as a businessman. Conman maybe. N don't go around saying things like "O, he's selling so expensive", or "He's forcing me to give him the money too fast". Once again: The price that is given, and the time frame? U either agree or you don't. Take your pick.

So to sum everything up, to all you fakers n posers out there, quit trippin'!! Ain't worth it in the end. You still become the "star" of the comedy that is life. At least I get to laugh everyday I guess. One good thing comes out of it.

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