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Monday, 18 May 2009

My life..

Just a quick update on what's been happening:

HAHAHA~ Jovanny, u cant lie to me ok, I know you so well!! ;p Next time we stuff ourselves with sushi again ok? Hihii.. How's that for a good "welcome back"? =) And don't forget the shopping... Sigh, no self-control at all!! I dread to see what I'm gonna buy in KL!!

Speaking of KL, I CAN"T WAIT!! Get to see my favourite people in the whole world, get to go to a place I've never been before, SHOPPING, THEME PARKS, FOOOOOD... Hehe.. 6days is too long to wait!!!!!

Had Korean food at Kung Korean Restaurant in Damai on Saturday. Good stuff, though it was a bit slow due to staff shortage. This is what I had:

Sorry, had to start 1st, couldnt wait.. *shy*

It's like corned beef fried with onions.. Now, I dont eat onions, yet I polished this off, so you have to think how nice it was.. =)

Just finished another promo job, using my best gals.. Hihii.. See? I always praise you guys to high heaven!! That was a good job anyway. But anymore? Hello? I need more jobs!! (So I don't spend all day watching Chelsea Lately) =D

On another note, Adam Lambert NEEDS to win American Idol 8!! He is like, oh my God, the BEST! Haha.. Guess who's gonna be his groupie? ;p I mean, you would love this guy even if he DIDN'T look so hot, but all together? *swoon* My MOM loves him for pete's sake!! He can sing slow songs rock songs fast songs love songs, you name it, he'll put magic into it... Sigh.. =D

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