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Monday, 29 June 2009

Why I Don't Want Children

When I tell people that I don't want children, the first thing they say is "That's now, you'll want them later". When I say no, I don't think I'll ever want children, they look at me as though I have sinned. Ok, so maybe Asian countries find it hard to accept that some women actually do not want children, but it is my choice. I do not feel as though I have to bow to the pressure of my future in-laws, relatives, friends, or even society. If my future husband is ok with not having children, what business is it of anyone else's? I agree, maybe this post will come back to bite me on the bum, but I am 22 this year, and still cannot imagine myself wanting children.

Why? That is what most people want to know. All around me are kids as young as 15 saying "Oh, my child's name will be xxx", or "I want 3 kids". I was never that girl. I've always said I don't want kids. Why? Well first of all, let's get past the selfish reasons. I don't want to go through the pain of pregnancy. I don't want to go through the pain of labour. I don't want to ruin my figure (it's bad enough as it is). I don't want to have sleepless nights cz my baby's crying. I don't want to have to worry about where the money's coming from to buy milk, diapers, toys and clothes; and as they get older school fees, pocket money, etc etc etc. I don't want the responsibility of looking after an innocent, vulnerable human being. Make sense? No, probably not. I did say they were the selfish reasons.

Other reasons? I don't want to worry day & night about the safety of my child. This, is my main reason. With the world what it is today, I think it's selfish to bring another human being into this world to suffer. Yes, you may argue that there are many joys through the sorrows of this world. I know. But if I'm not even sure whether I can keep myself safe in this day & age, do I really want to risk someone getting hurt, just cz I didn't take care of them enough, or just because they were unlucky enough to meet with such bad luck? With this world that is full of murders, rapists, thieves... Greed, lust, and people who are willing to turn a blind eye to whatever is happening to others... I have heard so many horror stories I don't even read / watch the news anymore. I've heard how we should ignore crimes that are happening around us to ensure our own safety, how even the police do not dare to stop these criminals, these gangs. And why is this? Cz evil is more powerful than good? Cz there are more evil people in this world than good? Or maybe cz criminals do what they want and feel is necessary, while we just sit on the sidelines waiting for others to do something?

This world is more advanced than ever before. We have more examples of crimes to look upon and learn. More people are educated enough, have enough financial backing, and enough status to change the world, get us out of this crime-ridden era, and make the world a more peaceful place to live in. And it's not just up to politicians, celebs, or VIPs. Everyone has a role to play. We should fight together, fight for the safety of our children, for the safety of the elderly, for the safety of ourselves. We have 2 world wars in our history, and hundreds of other wars. Why can't we learn from our mistakes and do all that is in our power to stop more wars from happening? Why are people so greedy for one? Please, enlighten me. What can you do with all that money? What joy does it bring you from having so much power? Especially if you get that power from hurting all mankind?

We need to stop this, stop it before it gets too far gone. We are too intelligent to let history repeat itself. Let's go back to being humans, not the cold-blooded monsters this world is exceedingly rampant with. Let us say when we see crime on the street, we will feel confident in rushing to help the victim, confident in the fact that other bystanders will help us, or at least call the police, and the police will do their duty and help innocent civillians. Let's make planet Earth safe again, once and for all.

Maybe then, I'll feel good about bringing another life into this world.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Mamutik Island & Semporna / Tawau

A post that is better late than never. Family trips!! Now that dad has a camera and is working on his site (a travel / guide to Sabah site:, we get to travel around Sabah!! Our first 2 destinations, as mentioned above, were Mamutik Island, one of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park islands, and also Semporna & Tawau. I won't bore you with info on these places, but for any of you who would like to know more, do visit www. You can learn more about the places in Sabah, Sabah's culture, and even hip events that have been going on around town. I promise that The Odysseyist will not bore you with mundane facts, but you'll have fun reading his witty comments, and looking at cool photos & vids.. Who knows, you might even see yourself in one or two pics!

Mamutik Island was a fun day out with the fam. We went late, 11am boat, and had curry & bread for brunch.. Dad's curry is ALWAYS yum! Ray was still not in the mood to travel ("We only just came back from KL! Still wanna play a?") So he didnt join us.. We had fun snorkling, and floating, and just plain messing around.. The boat ride back was scary, as we had too many people on our boat, and even the boatman was worried.. We turned back to the island before we got too far, as water was coming in too fast.. We were worried we were gonna sink! Except for 3 biatches who wouldnt sit still cz the bench was wet and " We have to go out later". I mean, geez, did no one ever tell you that you get wet on speedboat rides? And please, if you're gonna go out after an island trip, DON'T GET ALL DRESSED UP WHILE STILL ON THE ISLAND!! ... This boat was sinking and they were worried bout their outfits. Real mature girls, and for the record, you're not that hot so stop embarrassing yourselves, especially as there were tourists on the boat! To have to be shouted at by the boatman for being asses? Tsk tsk.. *Calista shakes head* The two tourists next to me asked what was going on, so I told them. Reaction? "Is that it? I thought it was something serious" ...

Anyway, here are some photos:

Fun In The Sun (For Some)

Snorkling (Dad, Mom, and I)


Messing around - The Happy Siblings

Also: Our trip to Semporna / Tawau! I've been to Tawau before, and thought it was ok.. But Semporna; When I heard it was just like Sinsuran (KK ppl u know this ;p) I didnt believe it.. But it was!! ... We were so tired from the long journey (12 hours!) though that we didnt do much after walking around a short while.. Fell straight to sleep! Then the next day we went to Tawau.. Ray had work there so we went with him.. We walked around, typical tourists, until Ray finished work, then we went to a yummy & cheap dinner at one of the more famous restaurants in Tawau, courtesy of Ray's client.. Seafood is the thing to have when you're in Sabah, especially Sandakan / Tawau & Semporna.. Fresh & affordable! =)

Mt. K was so clear on the way up.. Dad took loads of pix of the mountain, and all along the way to Semporna.. That's it in the background:
Family Portrait~
Change of photographer ;p

We got a nail in one of our tyres in Ranau, so luckily Ray noticed it and had it repaired before continuing on our journey.. O, we left at 4am btw! Didnt sleep the night before.. And the chalets on the sea in Semporna were all booked so we had to go to another hotel.. Saw some weird fish & some starfish though.. Superman of Semporna

At the restaurant in Tawau~

My pillow was hogged~ Mommy knows what to do on a long, boring car ride...
Sorry, come to my blog, you see mostly me.. Haha.. If you want scenery pix though, again, please do visit

I'm not lazy, I just... Procrastinate...

... A lot..

Ever notice that the less you have to do in a day, the less time you seem to have? Vice versa, the more you have to do in a day, the faster it gets done. Now, I have a serious problem. I have loads to do, honestly, but i never seem to do anything I plan to do in that day. Especially as I'm at home all day. Alright, alright.. Those who know me are probably saying to themselves "Cz she never wakes up til noon, the lazy bugger", and hey, I'm never one to deny the truth. But even so. It seems my day goes by, and my to-do list isn't touched. I can plan all I want, but when it comes down to it? Sigh.. Different story when I was workin at DES.. Got nearly everything that needed to be done out of the way asap.. That's just how I work.. But this past year has been, I admit, quite a lazy one for me.. Yet at the same time I know I am pushing myself, just not as hard as I want to, and not in all the areas I should..

I want to do a time schedule for myself, at least a guideline.. Time management was never my strong point, especially if it involves mornings.. I am so not a morning person.. But I haven't even gotten round to that yet! Thing is, the things I'm motivated to do 1st are probably the things others think can be left til later.. I seem to have a knack of wanting to do the least important things 1st.. ... It makes sense to finish the little things 1st, IF the other things arent in need of you rushing.. But again, that is not always the case.. Haha~

So, any suggestions? Anyone? I'd love to hear them.. Help me be the person I want to be.. Help me manage my time the way I am able to manage others' time. Yes, I'm great at thinking for others, but not myself.. Haha.. I should just be someone's advisor.. I'd be good at it, and my client would benefit.. Any takers..? =)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Goodbye, King of Pop

I'm shocked, truly shocked. I awoke this morning to my mom saying "Michael Jackson is dead". My first reaction? "Impossible". Then I opened my eyes. Mom was still there. Apparently Oli heard something on the news about the King of Pop, so he called mom to ask if she knew anything. She switched on the internet, and of course, it's all over the headlines.. And on the TV.

How could he have died? He was set to make a come back! He was only the same age as my parents! HE IS THE KING OF POP!! He was such a great influence and inspiration for so many. My brother and I grew up to Michael Jackson. He was our first favourite. Michael Jackson taught us how to love music & dance, and let me tell you, he set the bar high for any future singers that came along. And no one came close to MJ. His songs are still listened to world-wide; His dance moves copied and copied again; and his image immortal. Who can actually look at a picture of MJ n say "Who is that?" Not just anyone can make a comeback after what he went through, and so long after his last recording. Sold-out concerts all the way? No one but Michael could get people so excited. Forget his dark times, they do nothing to shadow the legend that is Michael.

Michael Jackson is and always will be the King of Pop. He will always be the favourite of anyone who listened to music in the '80s, the '90s, and even the '00s. May our children have the gift of MJ in years to come, and let MJ himself know that he will never be forgotten.

Thoughts go out to his family, his friends, and all his fans.

PS: I think I may just go out and join the crowds in buying his albums. I need a dose of MJ. Anyone who is mourning the loss of the King, remember to buy original!!!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Of Taxi Drivers & Security Guards

Otherwise known as: KL TRIP!!

I have a feeling this is gonna be a looong post, so get ready! =p

Haha.. Well, I made it to KL and back in one piece! Finally, I've travelled OUT of Sabah! Yay!! ;p How was it you ask? Hmm.. Let's see.. I had fun, that's for sure.. Though I don't think it was as good as I expected it to be.. I didn't do as much shopping as I hoped, and Genting wasn't as fun as I was told.. Though I did get this from dad: "What? You think your going to Disneyland ah? Tsk!" LOLS!!!!

So here are a few photos from the trip. I went to nearly all the malls, namely Suria KLCC, Low Yat, Sungei Wang, Mid Valley, 1 Utama, Ikea (hii~), and Pavilion. I know there are quite a few more, but I will go next time!! =D Went on nearly all the rides at Genting too, apart from some really good ones that were closed that day.. =( Will go on the indoor rides next trip as well...

View from Jovanny's condo~ =O

Reunited to party!! Note: Ray was holding the camera~

Malaysia's very own "Hollywood"~ Lol!

Is that.. Calista in flat shoes?? Yes, you would jump on the LRT tracks if you tried to wear heels everyday in KL!!

Getting ready to go on the cable cars up to Genting Highlands...

View from our hotel room (Oh, we got lucky here: They gave us a room with a Queen-sized bed AND a single bed! Ngam2 for all 3 of us! So we didnt have to squish on 1 bed! =D)

For some weird reason I always get the No. 13, no matter what.. Haha.. My lucky number~ Everyone else's "unlucky" one.. =D

Ok, enough pictures.. =p
One thing I absolutely HAVE to mention is the bad service! I mean, nearly everywhere had NO service at all! It was.. like they weren't even using their brains to serve! It was so irritating! One particular shop had overly "friendly" salesgirls, who just kept shoving stuff at you to try, and their mirror was OUTSIDE the fitting room, so you had to show them! Jovanny & I bought 3 item between us, but they still weren't happy; "friendly" changed into sour faces when we finished in the fiting room. I mean, at least pretend not to be so fake, can or not? ... Other stores don't let you share a fitting room, I mean, what's up with that? If I want my friend to see my body, it's my problem right? We're both female for G's sake! I don't wanna be traipsing up n down the fitting rooms just to ask my friend if it looks nice or not~ Sigh...
But the BEST part of the trip was when I was leaving. We had just finished at Pavilion, so we took the LRT back to Wangsa Maju, where we were staying with my Jovanny... We jumped in a cab to get to her condo, and the attitude~ But you know, fine.. We all know that taxi drivers' attitude has a bad rep so we let it pass.. Until we got to the gate of the condo that is. See, we wanted the taxi to wait for us downstairs while we ran up to get our bags, then drop us back at the lrt, meter running of course. But Mr. Big Shot refused to take the entry card from the condo security guard, insisting he place it on the windscreen, and winding up his window so the guard couldn't talk to him. Then he said "Oh, kalau gitu you turun sini ja la (Oh, if like that you get down here)". Last straw for Ray. He just got out, and slammed that door! The driver was furious! Haha~ But hey, you gave way too much attitude buddy.

What happened next was my blowup point. We got out of the taxi, and started rushing into the condo. This Indian security guard, who was NOT in uniform btw, asked us for our resident card, which in itself is no problem, fine. So I pointed to Jovanny, and said "I'm with her". He said aggressively that he wanted my resident card. So I gave him one of my looks and "I said I was with her, I don't live here". So he starts shouting "You still have to give your IC and name for register. We follow procedure here, now spot-check!". And that was it. I was gone. I gave him my best look, "I've been staying here for 6 days. I'm rushing to the airport now.", turned around, and just walked off. I was fuming! I mean, 1 you're not in uniform, I don't need to give you anything. 2 Hey Miss Prissy, did you not hear? I've been here for 6 days, been in & out how many times? You've never asked for any ID, so don't give me all your BS about "procedure". If you're gonna do your job, do it properly everyday, else don't get all up in my face, alright? ...... I was just waiting for him to say something to me on our way out, although if he had've, I prolly wouldn't have caught my plane cz man would I have swung at him!

Friday, 5 June 2009


This wasn't supposed to be my first post after the hols, but I think it's pretty much better to get the bad stuff outta the way 1st eh.. Sigh.. So yeah, as the title announces, yours truly was retrenched! From a tiny company... Lol... But I guess I was the obvious choice seeing as they were paying me for basically sitting there and doing the odd invoice here n there... But still, wasn't very professional of them to not give any notice.. Yes, I noticed business was bad these few months, and yes, I realised way before you said that you have to cut down expenses somehow, but hey, you're the boss, it's your company, your worries, not mine. All I have to worry about is doing what I'm told to do and getting my paycheck.. As I always say, that's the difference between bosses n employees. You may not have to have a boss breathing down your throat, but there are so many more things to worry about compared to when you're working for someone. I read somewhere: If you work diligently 8 hours a day, you may be promoted and work 12 hours a day! That's so true... So again, I deserve the notice, whether or not you had too many expenses or not. I mean, let's be a little more courteous shall we? I have bee working for you for 8 months! But yeah, I will not badmouth said company anymore, as I don't think it shows the professionalism they so obviously lack. I'll save all the moaning for my poor boyfriend and a certain ex-colleague!! ;p Oh, and not forgetting 2 others in a faraway land.. You know who you are! *big wink*

So what are my plans now, you ask? Well, I'm gonna stick to my original plan and NOT look for another full time job! I'm lucky enough to have savings, and Ray, and to still be living at home, so it's not TOO risky... I wanna focus on all the part time work I'm getting, and on a certain dream... Now's the time, cz if I don't hurry my ass up it's gonna be too late! I've already wasted like 2 decades, and I have no more excuses, so whatever doesn't happen by lack of chasing, I can only blame myself! Scary, but at the same time, exhilarating. =) There's also a certain plan that I will have to discuss with more than one person before I make my decision, or even have the chance to do it. Mysterious huh? Well, let's just say I don't want to announce it to the world then not be able to do it.. I prefer it that way...