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Saturday, 27 June 2009

I'm not lazy, I just... Procrastinate...

... A lot..

Ever notice that the less you have to do in a day, the less time you seem to have? Vice versa, the more you have to do in a day, the faster it gets done. Now, I have a serious problem. I have loads to do, honestly, but i never seem to do anything I plan to do in that day. Especially as I'm at home all day. Alright, alright.. Those who know me are probably saying to themselves "Cz she never wakes up til noon, the lazy bugger", and hey, I'm never one to deny the truth. But even so. It seems my day goes by, and my to-do list isn't touched. I can plan all I want, but when it comes down to it? Sigh.. Different story when I was workin at DES.. Got nearly everything that needed to be done out of the way asap.. That's just how I work.. But this past year has been, I admit, quite a lazy one for me.. Yet at the same time I know I am pushing myself, just not as hard as I want to, and not in all the areas I should..

I want to do a time schedule for myself, at least a guideline.. Time management was never my strong point, especially if it involves mornings.. I am so not a morning person.. But I haven't even gotten round to that yet! Thing is, the things I'm motivated to do 1st are probably the things others think can be left til later.. I seem to have a knack of wanting to do the least important things 1st.. ... It makes sense to finish the little things 1st, IF the other things arent in need of you rushing.. But again, that is not always the case.. Haha~

So, any suggestions? Anyone? I'd love to hear them.. Help me be the person I want to be.. Help me manage my time the way I am able to manage others' time. Yes, I'm great at thinking for others, but not myself.. Haha.. I should just be someone's advisor.. I'd be good at it, and my client would benefit.. Any takers..? =)

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