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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Mamutik Island & Semporna / Tawau

A post that is better late than never. Family trips!! Now that dad has a camera and is working on his site (a travel / guide to Sabah site:, we get to travel around Sabah!! Our first 2 destinations, as mentioned above, were Mamutik Island, one of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park islands, and also Semporna & Tawau. I won't bore you with info on these places, but for any of you who would like to know more, do visit www. You can learn more about the places in Sabah, Sabah's culture, and even hip events that have been going on around town. I promise that The Odysseyist will not bore you with mundane facts, but you'll have fun reading his witty comments, and looking at cool photos & vids.. Who knows, you might even see yourself in one or two pics!

Mamutik Island was a fun day out with the fam. We went late, 11am boat, and had curry & bread for brunch.. Dad's curry is ALWAYS yum! Ray was still not in the mood to travel ("We only just came back from KL! Still wanna play a?") So he didnt join us.. We had fun snorkling, and floating, and just plain messing around.. The boat ride back was scary, as we had too many people on our boat, and even the boatman was worried.. We turned back to the island before we got too far, as water was coming in too fast.. We were worried we were gonna sink! Except for 3 biatches who wouldnt sit still cz the bench was wet and " We have to go out later". I mean, geez, did no one ever tell you that you get wet on speedboat rides? And please, if you're gonna go out after an island trip, DON'T GET ALL DRESSED UP WHILE STILL ON THE ISLAND!! ... This boat was sinking and they were worried bout their outfits. Real mature girls, and for the record, you're not that hot so stop embarrassing yourselves, especially as there were tourists on the boat! To have to be shouted at by the boatman for being asses? Tsk tsk.. *Calista shakes head* The two tourists next to me asked what was going on, so I told them. Reaction? "Is that it? I thought it was something serious" ...

Anyway, here are some photos:

Fun In The Sun (For Some)

Snorkling (Dad, Mom, and I)


Messing around - The Happy Siblings

Also: Our trip to Semporna / Tawau! I've been to Tawau before, and thought it was ok.. But Semporna; When I heard it was just like Sinsuran (KK ppl u know this ;p) I didnt believe it.. But it was!! ... We were so tired from the long journey (12 hours!) though that we didnt do much after walking around a short while.. Fell straight to sleep! Then the next day we went to Tawau.. Ray had work there so we went with him.. We walked around, typical tourists, until Ray finished work, then we went to a yummy & cheap dinner at one of the more famous restaurants in Tawau, courtesy of Ray's client.. Seafood is the thing to have when you're in Sabah, especially Sandakan / Tawau & Semporna.. Fresh & affordable! =)

Mt. K was so clear on the way up.. Dad took loads of pix of the mountain, and all along the way to Semporna.. That's it in the background:
Family Portrait~
Change of photographer ;p

We got a nail in one of our tyres in Ranau, so luckily Ray noticed it and had it repaired before continuing on our journey.. O, we left at 4am btw! Didnt sleep the night before.. And the chalets on the sea in Semporna were all booked so we had to go to another hotel.. Saw some weird fish & some starfish though.. Superman of Semporna

At the restaurant in Tawau~

My pillow was hogged~ Mommy knows what to do on a long, boring car ride...
Sorry, come to my blog, you see mostly me.. Haha.. If you want scenery pix though, again, please do visit

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