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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Of Taxi Drivers & Security Guards

Otherwise known as: KL TRIP!!

I have a feeling this is gonna be a looong post, so get ready! =p

Haha.. Well, I made it to KL and back in one piece! Finally, I've travelled OUT of Sabah! Yay!! ;p How was it you ask? Hmm.. Let's see.. I had fun, that's for sure.. Though I don't think it was as good as I expected it to be.. I didn't do as much shopping as I hoped, and Genting wasn't as fun as I was told.. Though I did get this from dad: "What? You think your going to Disneyland ah? Tsk!" LOLS!!!!

So here are a few photos from the trip. I went to nearly all the malls, namely Suria KLCC, Low Yat, Sungei Wang, Mid Valley, 1 Utama, Ikea (hii~), and Pavilion. I know there are quite a few more, but I will go next time!! =D Went on nearly all the rides at Genting too, apart from some really good ones that were closed that day.. =( Will go on the indoor rides next trip as well...

View from Jovanny's condo~ =O

Reunited to party!! Note: Ray was holding the camera~

Malaysia's very own "Hollywood"~ Lol!

Is that.. Calista in flat shoes?? Yes, you would jump on the LRT tracks if you tried to wear heels everyday in KL!!

Getting ready to go on the cable cars up to Genting Highlands...

View from our hotel room (Oh, we got lucky here: They gave us a room with a Queen-sized bed AND a single bed! Ngam2 for all 3 of us! So we didnt have to squish on 1 bed! =D)

For some weird reason I always get the No. 13, no matter what.. Haha.. My lucky number~ Everyone else's "unlucky" one.. =D

Ok, enough pictures.. =p
One thing I absolutely HAVE to mention is the bad service! I mean, nearly everywhere had NO service at all! It was.. like they weren't even using their brains to serve! It was so irritating! One particular shop had overly "friendly" salesgirls, who just kept shoving stuff at you to try, and their mirror was OUTSIDE the fitting room, so you had to show them! Jovanny & I bought 3 item between us, but they still weren't happy; "friendly" changed into sour faces when we finished in the fiting room. I mean, at least pretend not to be so fake, can or not? ... Other stores don't let you share a fitting room, I mean, what's up with that? If I want my friend to see my body, it's my problem right? We're both female for G's sake! I don't wanna be traipsing up n down the fitting rooms just to ask my friend if it looks nice or not~ Sigh...
But the BEST part of the trip was when I was leaving. We had just finished at Pavilion, so we took the LRT back to Wangsa Maju, where we were staying with my Jovanny... We jumped in a cab to get to her condo, and the attitude~ But you know, fine.. We all know that taxi drivers' attitude has a bad rep so we let it pass.. Until we got to the gate of the condo that is. See, we wanted the taxi to wait for us downstairs while we ran up to get our bags, then drop us back at the lrt, meter running of course. But Mr. Big Shot refused to take the entry card from the condo security guard, insisting he place it on the windscreen, and winding up his window so the guard couldn't talk to him. Then he said "Oh, kalau gitu you turun sini ja la (Oh, if like that you get down here)". Last straw for Ray. He just got out, and slammed that door! The driver was furious! Haha~ But hey, you gave way too much attitude buddy.

What happened next was my blowup point. We got out of the taxi, and started rushing into the condo. This Indian security guard, who was NOT in uniform btw, asked us for our resident card, which in itself is no problem, fine. So I pointed to Jovanny, and said "I'm with her". He said aggressively that he wanted my resident card. So I gave him one of my looks and "I said I was with her, I don't live here". So he starts shouting "You still have to give your IC and name for register. We follow procedure here, now spot-check!". And that was it. I was gone. I gave him my best look, "I've been staying here for 6 days. I'm rushing to the airport now.", turned around, and just walked off. I was fuming! I mean, 1 you're not in uniform, I don't need to give you anything. 2 Hey Miss Prissy, did you not hear? I've been here for 6 days, been in & out how many times? You've never asked for any ID, so don't give me all your BS about "procedure". If you're gonna do your job, do it properly everyday, else don't get all up in my face, alright? ...... I was just waiting for him to say something to me on our way out, although if he had've, I prolly wouldn't have caught my plane cz man would I have swung at him!

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