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Friday, 5 June 2009


This wasn't supposed to be my first post after the hols, but I think it's pretty much better to get the bad stuff outta the way 1st eh.. Sigh.. So yeah, as the title announces, yours truly was retrenched! From a tiny company... Lol... But I guess I was the obvious choice seeing as they were paying me for basically sitting there and doing the odd invoice here n there... But still, wasn't very professional of them to not give any notice.. Yes, I noticed business was bad these few months, and yes, I realised way before you said that you have to cut down expenses somehow, but hey, you're the boss, it's your company, your worries, not mine. All I have to worry about is doing what I'm told to do and getting my paycheck.. As I always say, that's the difference between bosses n employees. You may not have to have a boss breathing down your throat, but there are so many more things to worry about compared to when you're working for someone. I read somewhere: If you work diligently 8 hours a day, you may be promoted and work 12 hours a day! That's so true... So again, I deserve the notice, whether or not you had too many expenses or not. I mean, let's be a little more courteous shall we? I have bee working for you for 8 months! But yeah, I will not badmouth said company anymore, as I don't think it shows the professionalism they so obviously lack. I'll save all the moaning for my poor boyfriend and a certain ex-colleague!! ;p Oh, and not forgetting 2 others in a faraway land.. You know who you are! *big wink*

So what are my plans now, you ask? Well, I'm gonna stick to my original plan and NOT look for another full time job! I'm lucky enough to have savings, and Ray, and to still be living at home, so it's not TOO risky... I wanna focus on all the part time work I'm getting, and on a certain dream... Now's the time, cz if I don't hurry my ass up it's gonna be too late! I've already wasted like 2 decades, and I have no more excuses, so whatever doesn't happen by lack of chasing, I can only blame myself! Scary, but at the same time, exhilarating. =) There's also a certain plan that I will have to discuss with more than one person before I make my decision, or even have the chance to do it. Mysterious huh? Well, let's just say I don't want to announce it to the world then not be able to do it.. I prefer it that way...

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