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Saturday, 4 July 2009

F & N Event~

About 2 weeks ago I was the emcee for the F & N Freestylz conpetition. It was all about bboying, so I met some really cool dancers, including 1 I've worked with before. His name is Juicy and is now a pro dancer in KL. Man, can this guy dance! Didnt manage to get that many pix of him, but here are a couple of some of the bboys in action!

And this little guy, can you say wow? Future Wade Robson I tell you~ I can't post a video (cz it is not uploading even though it has been "in progress" for about 3 hours each day, which is why this post is late actually~), but here are some pix to share the comel-ness!
Because my dad was so into the dancing, I apparently wasn't important enough so I have no photos. ... Thanks a lot, dad!! Grr~ But let me entertain you with photos of a KL-based singer/producer who we had the chance to meet, Junior. We were also lucky enough to get a free show!! Hii~ ;p

The organizers were fun, Alex & Hailey from Red Antz Events, and so were the 2 DJs I met along the way, who took pity of me and my megaphone, and let me use the mic.. Thanks a BUNCH guys!! All in all, even though we had a few bumps along the way, it was a good 5 days..

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