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Saturday, 11 July 2009

I have self-esteem and self-worth. You should try it some time.

Bitches, listen. I don't know what exactly your problems are with me, or why you feel so threatened, but STEP OFF. I'm sick of your insults. I'm sick of the "playing" comments that you make. And it's just a bit too obvious that you only do it to 1. Be spiteful, and 2. Cz your jealous.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I can take a joke, especially when it's about myself. Hell, I'm usually the one making them. But there is such a thing as too much, and there are ways to say things without blatantly trying to put me down all the time. Let's see, what do you "joke" about? Well let's start with the obvious shall we? I know I'm short, but can you please accept the fact that I am 100% ok with my height? If I don't have a problem with it, what's yours? As I always say, if your not as tall as my dear friend Sharin, who is 5' 11" btw, then shut up. 5' 4" does not make you "tall". 5' 6" does not make you "model-like". It just makes you average. And if you go somewhere like say the USA, you will be short, get it? Average height there is 5' 7". Which you don't reach. The only qualms I have with my height, which I freely make public knowledge, is when a) I see clothes that I can't wear, b) I think about the fact that I will never be a runway model. But let's face the facts: neither will you. FYI, average height accepted for runway is 5' 8". Way below it, bitches. So if you just blend in with the crowd cz you're just the same height as everyone else, why the pride? At least people notice me cz I'm special.

Another "favourite" of you gals is my weight. Another FYI: I'm not fat. Just cz I have boobs, an ass and an actual body shape, don't get all up in my face. Sure, my tummy's more bloated than yours, but let me assure you that my tummy is not what people look at when I go out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm perfect. I know I can afford to lose some weight, and I do want to. But I would never trade up my little flaws for a stick of a body like yours. If I'm gonna get slimmer, I'm gonna damn well make sure my "assets" stay put too. Oh, and while we're on the subject, having a bra size 36 does not mean you have actual boobs. Just means you've go a wide back. Cup size counts, airheads; not the 32/34/36 you seem to be so happy about, it's the A/B/C/D cup. Or in most of you gals' cases, the AA cup. Let's put it this way. If my body was so bad, would you keep mentioning it? Do you mention the fat gal's weight everytime you go out? I don't think so.

I find it amazing that you gals can not even know each other, yet can all do/say the same kind of things. Why the insecurity? Why do you need to put me down when it's so obvious that yes, you are taller and slimmer than me. Doesn't make you hotter, sorry. N to the few that say it out of spite? Bitch, please. Get a life. As I said, I can take a joke. And it's not everyone who makes me feel this way. Just a few "friends" I have in my life. Other than when they say it so poisonously, I don't mind at all (except when you make the same comment/joke over and over. Then I just feel bored and irritated).

This Calista bitch sounds arrogant, you say? Well I'm just sick of taking insults from others and brushing them off, while the same gals can't take the tiniest of jokes and become all defensive if you say the slightest thing about them. Just a little piece of advice: Do NOT make my inner bitch surface. Believe me, this post will look like I'm complimenting you.


  1. How about me? I am 5'6" or 5'5"? I am not tall and special enough to be a model aye? LoL~ Cheer up my dear... Don't bother about them.. They are just bitches who love to screw ppl's life.. Don't let them screw up urs... =)

  2. Like I said, not talkin bout everyone, just the one's that seem to have a stick up their ass bout it. You know, the ones who walk around thinkin they're so wonderful cz they're 5' 6". I just think they need a reality check. U know I'm not the type who's gonna be a bitch n insult u just for the fun of it, unless I'm jokin around. Just thought it best to leave this post here so when they see it, they can know who they are and get over themselves for once. Geez, how can ppl b so in love wif themselves, I'll never know.. U know what kind of ppl I'm talkin bout, told u bout 1 b4, rmb d comments..? ;p

  3. Hehe~ Was she the one you told me about in Coffee Bean last time??? ^^

  4. Haha.. Good memory.. ;p But that was one of the ones that hasn't happened for a while la.. Believe me, got more now.. Haha.. O well, don't rili care la.. Was just p-ed off at someone in particular, n tot I shud let off steam here.. After all, tats y i started tis blog!! *wink* Bitching with Oli n my bf only let's off so much steam!

  5. You go girl~ i admire ur confidence!!~ If sum1 criticizes my physique ill b like "oh godd... perhaps i need a surgery!" LOL... not like i would...but i guess just feel bad about myself..

    n those girls so up themselves.. ths! ey try to put u down so they themselves feel superior high almighty! i say kick their asses!!

  6. Muahahahaha~ Letting off ur steam here is good... Can 38 about it as well.. ^^

  7. Hahaha~ Omg, I LOVE u guys!! *hugs hugs n more hugs*

  8. Good on your, girl! You're like a little feisty tigress (your birth year - Tiger, hence the comparison, hope you don't mind.)Anyway, tigers are beautiful and powerful animals and don't take crap from anyone.
    Thanks for following my blog, I'll be following yours, too. It's good to meet like-minded models. All the best for your modelling!

  9. ooooooooooooooooooo fierce! :D