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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Nothing. Just... Happy.

Today seems like such a good day!! Got a promo job to do, more jobs coming up, an opportunity to do some rili meaningful events that I've been wanting to do, great responses to my online portfolio, an encouraging email from an agency (fingers crossed it all comes through!), and maybe, just maybe, another shoot coming up!! =D Could it be, this month is the start of everything? Please please let it be!!

Hope this isn't copywrited~ Sorry in advance if it is~ Just that my nickname is CHIHUAHUA too!! ;p

I support women and children not being abused. Whether physically, mentally, sexually... Abuse scars a person for life. Say NO to violence. Never abuse another being. Never allow the abuse to continue by keeping quiet, whether it is happening to you, or someone else. As heard on hitz fm: "Your silence is as bad as the abuse."

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