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Friday, 3 July 2009

Rumours, lies, and ex-bosses!

Well, it seems grown men and "bosses" can be more childish than high school students! I just found out from a very reliable source that a certain ex-boss of ours is bad-mouthing us all over town! Hmm.. Along with other lies, apparently this colleague of mine was fired. Well, let me just say that i saw, and discussed, myself with him about his resignation. So no, blatant lie #1. What about me? Hm.. Well, that's #2. Apparently I never want to follow orders. O really? Well Mr. Big Boss, can you please tell me when exactly you were ever in the office to give any orders? And the best part is, you can't even dispute this because 95% of your clients, and 100% of your friends and family know that you are never awake in the day, and only go out drinking and doing God knows what at night! And when we take the initiative to do something ourselves, we get "If I'm not worried you don't have to be". Even his mother doesn't dare to do anything anymore cz you row with her all the time! Now I'm not saying his mother is perfect, cz she was many a time the biggest problem, and so was his dad, but I at least feel sorry for his mom, cz she works so hard while her son is treating his parent-given company as a toy!

I'm saying no more. Can't be bothered to mention all the flaws of your company, or your parents. (20 years in management, yet doesn't know the right way to do an invoice? Give me a break!) Can't be bothered to mention all the lies you tell, and how you treat your staff. Just can't be bothered about you or your family period. But I will NOT stoop as low as you and mention any names whatsoever in this blog post. But be warned, if anyone mentions the lies you've told about me, having complete disregard for the fact that I am still working in the event circle here in KK, and that KK is so small that reputations can be ruined within days, I will NOT hesitate to save my ex-colleague's and my reputation by telling the complete truth about you, your parents, or your company.

I love this, whoever thought of this is a genius.. =D

On a lighter note, I have decided that even though I cannot help financially or even physically to these causes, I am going to do my part in promoting what I support, and what I believe in. At the end of each statement, there will most times be a website that you guys can go to, where I have either joined myself, or just found by researching.

Let's start with a very well known organization, which I'm sue will turn up more than once. I have signed their pledge, what about you? =)

I support WWF Malaysia's Egg = Life. I have never, and will never, consume or trade turtles, their eggs, or their parts.

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  1. Hey babe.. Miss me? Hehe~ Dont bother about those stoopid ppl lahh... Just rmb.. Dont bother abt ppl who doesnt understand u or treasure u.... But treasure ppl who really treasures u... ^^