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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Sometimes, my life is wonderful...

Today is yet another happy day, punctuated with love.

Went window shopping with Mel at Wisma, and saw these gorgeous booties, v. high fashion, not that expensive either. But I'm still thinking whether to get them.. Havent been working this month, but still spent quite a bit of $.. Hmm.. Last pair, in exactly my size!! Sigh.. Shopaholics Anonymous here I come..


Then I had a meeting, which went well and finished off with dinner. So Ray comes and picks me up, right on time (I was feeling bad cz I didnt know I'd be having dinner with them and he'd already come halfway down to town to pick me up). When we get home, I was just mentioning that they hadn't got the bag I wanted from Nike in CP or Wisma, only in 1B, when he said "Are you sure?" I was like, yeah, I went to have a quick look. Then he gave me his smile (the one where you just know this boy is up to something), opened up the back seat and what do I see? A Nike bag, that he bought for me to not waste his trip down to town. Sweetness!! This is why I love the guy, can never accuse him of being unromantic!! I mean, he already said he was gonna buy it for me, but I was thinking we'd just get it if it was still there when we went back to the original place.. But he loves giving me surprises..

And another thing is, I have a new friend!! =) Another petite model, all the way across the other side of the world!! 2 of us will be a force to be reckoned with girl!! Let's educate these people on the hotness of us "shortys"!! (Hey, in hip-hop terms it does mean hot chick, so we're on the right track eh? ;p)


  1. Good on u.... Getting such caring guy.... Intro me some plzzz... Haha~ ^^" I sounded desperate... But I am not... =p
    P/s: I added u into my blog.... ^^

  2. You're right, definitely a force to be reckon with!
    Great that you have such a cool boy friend.
    And I know the feeling about seeing shoes you want (last pair in your size) and not being able to buy them at the time. It's funny, I've got the same dilemma right now. But I'll be naughty and invest :)