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Monday, 28 September 2009

1st webisode: Arriving at the hotel

Well, the 1st webisode came out right on the dot of 12am today!! N I loves it!! Have u watched? If u have, whaddya think? If u havent, GO WATCH IT NOW!! Haha..

There's not a lot of me in it, n a lot of u have been sayin I looked a lil nervous.. Well, I was!! Not gonna deny it.. Lol.. 1st time in front of a camera like that.. I'm proud for not blabbering all over the place!! ;p My fave part of webisode 1? I like that they put my star pillow in it!! Hahahaha.. (I'm nuts, I know.. ;p) AND I like the hug between Nalin n I.. *aww* We'd only jz met each other like.. 5 minutes ago!! =D
What about u? Plz do leave me comments here, or on the support group in fb (Here's the link again: and even in the chatbox that's below the video on the 8tv site!!

Can't wait for the next webisode.. Make sure u tune in for the fun!! =D

Oh, another fabulous creation by OLIVER LIEW - and yes, my brother is as fabulous as I am!!
PS: Anyone interested in his photoshopping services? They are for sale.. Just let me know n I'll hook u guys up!! U know he's the best.. This is self-taught!! ;p

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