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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

2nd webisode: The Makeup Tutorial

Have you been following the webisodes? If you have, then congrats!! You probably now know how to successfully (well, better than before at least!) apply makeup, then how to add to intensify it into night makeup!! =)

So this webisode is more of a tutorial/Maybelline ad, but it's cool to watch all the same.. I ddt get much screen time (nobody did, but then, we were all learning something valuable), BUT if you look closely, I got EXTRA screen time.. Haha.. Confused? Then watch, watch the 2nd webisode AGAIN, closely this time, n u'll see what I mean.. ;p If u still can't c it, I'll reveal the answer when the 3rd webisode comes out..

Mysterious.. Enjoy!! =D

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