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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

3rd Webisode: The games begin..

I LOVE the 3rd Webisode!! U GOTTA watch it!! I can't believe it came out like that!! Hahaha.. Now this is where u see way more of us, n way more of ME!! Nyehehe.. Sorry for the monster-sounding voice.. I was losing my voice that week.. ='( N I really did poke my eye.. Lol..

As you can probably see.. I was laughing throughout the challenge.. Can't believe I was so incoherrent that they had to give me subtitles.. haha.. So what do u think? C'mon guys, give me some comments here, good or bad, i dont mind!! N with this webisode, you should have SOMEthing to say.. I mean, now this is where the REAL excitement starts!! =D Don't you agree that this is, the most entertaining yet? ;p N the flood of memories that came back.. Lovin n missin all the Fab gals n crew!!

I hope you're following this show n loving it as much as I do.. N stay tuned, cz there's way more to come.. Love to ALL.. xoxo

Oh, we have more write-ups!! Feel free to comment on their blogs everyone.. They're the one's giving us the publicity!! Plus, by commenting and entering their contests, u may win fabulous prizes!! ;p




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