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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

4th webisode: Co-operation is Key!

The 4th episode of the reality show finally reveals the truth: It was a scam!! That was NOT the challenge!! Argh~!! When Sarah Lian announced that particular piece of news I could've slapped someone!! ... Panic for nothing.. ... N we had to do it all over again?? Sigh..

But when I was watching it, I was still LOLing.. The memories!! Haha.. We didnt really know each other yet at that time.. So when I was partnered with Diana, I had no idea wat to expect.. It was from that moment on I think, when we actually clicked.. I tell you, I think I nearly gave this girl a heart attack with my makeup skills.. Haha.. She had "shocked" written all over her face wenever she looked at me.. Ahahaha.. Hers was actually quite good.. Just a lil "draw the eyeliner on ur left eye a bit longer" etc comments from me were needed.. Whereas mine.. Well.. I guess u could see.. ;p

A friend of my PR manager a.k.a. Oliver has written a lovely post on her blog to support me in my race to become Maybelline Ny's Simply Fabulous Petite Model!! Do check it out n leave some kind comments!!

Thanks so much Jas!! =D

Unfortunately, my general manager/mentor a.k.a. S'Mal (Or Gummy Bear as she is now known.. Muahaha~) has not been able to get online.. *sobs* I need to talk to u woman!! Withdrawal symptoms!! =( She is the one who gave me my 1st stepping stone into this the modeling world, n gave me the knowledge I needed to know to equip myself for the brutalities of the industry.. She encouraged me when no one else would give me the time of day, but at the same time, never gave me false hope. If anyone can give you the right catwalk training, photographic training, or just knowledge on the modeling world, it's this woman. The modeling studio in Sabah is now only an agency, but she's still so eager to impart this knowledge to us younger generation, she has started a website where u can get the knowledge right in your own home!! Click this link to see and join, u will not be disappointed, that I promise you.

I'm on there too, drop me a message! ;p

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