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Friday, 4 September 2009

And so it starts...

So the webisodes havent even aired yet, and I already have my 1st hater. It wasnt anything major, but I think it deserves a mention as my 1st step into stardom. LOL!!

So anyway, I had this note on facebook titled "My Kind Of Guy". It's 1 of those Q & A notes that are makin their rounds on fb and I was bored and I was tagged, so I gave it a go. This was a few days ago. All of a sudden, this random guy who I DONT EVEN KNOW put a comment "bullxxxx" on it. So I checked his profile. The only mutual friend we had was another SF contestant. So I commented back, thinking he wouldnt be stupid enough to reply. It went something along the lines of "Erm, excuse me (his name), were you invited to view this note? Ur not even on my frens list, and no1 wants ur opinion here." Hey, I wasnt rude was I? So after a few minutes he replies again: "bullxxxx...2". I couldnt b bothered, so I just blocked him, n deleted the comments. Then I called my fren n told her about it. I think she has the right to know. He's ruining her name by doing stuff like this, n I'd just like him to know, if he comes across this, that all 10 of us are frens. Yea we're in a competition, but we're FRENS n we dont go around tryin to badmouth the others, so wat right do u have to do it?

Anyway, not gonna waste my time on it. A fren n I decided he must'v not qualified with the 50 criteria that was my note, so he got mad at himself. Haha.. Stalkers.. Sad. But we were warned, and I guess we'll have to get used to ppl putting us down.. Tats wat reality shows are for rite? N i'm not taking my silly / ugly photos off fb, cz I am who I am, n anyway, I'd rather ppl take em off my site than finding them later on.. Hihii~

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