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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Another one, local this time!!

Just found out from a friend that there's a small article about Maybelline Simply Fabulous in the local newspaper, Daily Express. Now, this is the paper my family buys every day, so why didn't I know about it? Well, because they only put it in the tiny Malay section! Why? =( Don't you wanna cover it in the main paper? I think this counts as a pretty big contest.. You should be covering it, as should the other local papers, plus our two great local mags!! I could do an exclusive! Hey!! Anyone?! *Calista jumps up n down n waves her hands in the air* We want another Sabahan winner among us don't we? =D

Lol.. Anyway.. Unfortunately, I cant find the article online to show you guys so.. If you can, get today's Harian Ekspress!! It's in the entertainment section.. =)

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