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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Are you ready?!

Tomorrow is the big day!! Webisodes will be airing, and I need YOU to support me and VOTE!! Yes, voting starts tomorrow too, so these 2 weeks are my only chance to get the much-needed 30% of the final results!! 30% public voting, and 70% judging.. So YOU, the public, play a very big role in deciding who, out of all the top 10, get to represent Maybelline Simply Fabulous and go to New York Fashion Week!! *drool --- followed by uncontrollable swooning*

My beloved brother has created a group on facebook for me!! You can join it here Check out the 2 great photos he did for me!! The profile one, and another one that has the Simply Fabulous logo on it.. Go see; U'll spot it!! *Calista tackles Oliver to the ground and starts smacking wet kisses all over his face* Special thanks also go out to all the admin members: My one & only S'Mal, Katherine, and Sharin.. THESE ARE MY LADIES!!

On 2nd thoughts, here are the photos for you to see here: =D

Cool right?? This is why I love my brother!! =D=D=D

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