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Monday, 7 September 2009

Go watch the vids!!

The profile vids are out!! =D Ok, so maybe not my personal one yet, but u can catch me in d 1st vid, during top 100 auditions (for some reason, my voice is so low when recorded!! But my profile vid is gonna sound so funny.. Lol.. Cz I just had to lose my voice on that day.. *rolls eyes*), and also, if u look closely, u'll c me jumping up and down in d mirrow behind Steffy in her vid!! Lol~ Cant believe I was caught doin tat.. Tsk tsk~ ;p So yea, catch the vids here, tell me what you think so far, n if u have anything u wanna say bout d other gals, lemme know!! I'll pass good comments on, I promise!!

Girls, we're finally ON SCREEN!! Xoxo~!!

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  1. U look great on the profile vid.. Dont worry.. Good job Calis.. :D