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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I'll say it again: I"M BORED!!

I know, I know.. You're probably thinking "Well, get a job then woman!", but, I like being like this for now.. Yes, I've gotten lazy, but am trying to make the most out of my time. Usually, this translates into me being 'busy', and I can honestly say, I dont know what happens to my time.. I just get very, very bored at night, around say, 10pm, when I can no longer do things that should be done.. Sigh.. Hopeless I tell you.. And anyway, it isnt like I havent got a job.. Just cz I dnt work 9 - 5 doesnt mean I'm lazing around doing nothing.

I'm so looking forward to next week.. I wanna pack now!! Haha~ Press conference, here I come!! I hope everyone is missing me as much as I miss them.. Hmm.. Spent a boring weekend in Labuan, and I was so wishing I could be spending it at Peninsula !! Got a good 2 hour (overdue) chat in with Jov tho, so that was good..

I'm also looking forward to the webisodes that should be out soon! I'm dreading to see what I'll look and sound like, but at the same time, oh-so-excited!! I'll be waiting in anticipation for a new webisode every day, and I hope you guys are too!! Feel free to leave me any comments you want after watching.. ;p

September doesnt seem to have much coming up, so that's basically the highlights of the month for me, for now anyways.. Just had Korean wif Leonard, Jennifer etc, and will be having Japanese wif Elvina soon so yippee!! Hihii~ I also had my 2nd vaccination injection for Hepatitis A & B, so I dont need to go for my final dosage til January.. Good, I dont like needles!! But what has to be done, has to be done I s'pose.. Better safe than sorry!

Before I go, lemme jz leave you with a teaser:

Top 10 Fabulosity!

R U ready for this?? ;p


  1. No, I'm not ready for this. *Gulps* Lol.

    Don't mind about other's nonsense. :)

    Tell Oli I miss him, and you too.


  2. Love the look on that last pic !

  3. That pic is FIERCE biatch..! Haha.. Hope u win.