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Saturday, 12 September 2009

My profile video's out!! =D

So it's out!! My profile video is in Profile 4 on the site, which again, is!! Have you seen it? What do you think? I like it a lot more than I was expecting to!! haha~ I've gotten some good comments so far, so I hope everyone likes it.. Feedback anyone? =)
Profile photo.. =)

I can't wait for the webisodes to come out.. So impatient!! We also did the press conference early this week.. I was SO happy to see the girls, the crew, n everyone else I've become friends with in that short amount of time!! Went to Preeta's (her apartment is gorgeous.. Kudos to her mom, who I assume is the mastermind behind all the interior design? ;p), then we had b'fast at a mamak called Devi's, which is really near her place..

When we got to Sri Pentas, where the press conference was being held, I immediately went hyper again!! Having literally NO sleep the nite b4 (tis is wat happens when u put me n Jovanny in a rom together after not gossiping in so long, hii!!), I sometimes doubt I'm human.. But anyway, the press conference went well, except for the part where I had to speak on stage (intro n answer a question). Nerves r rili bad, as my mind went blank! Plus, I didnt really wanna repeat wat the others had said.. Hmm.. O well.. I think I did good with the interview with The Star newspaper.. They picked 4 of us, which was Nalin, Sue, Steffy and I (The gang! =D) to do the interview upstairs, away from the crowd.. I also got a short interview in wif another paper, but I didnt catch where she was from.. So, if ANYONE sees ANY coverage whatsoever of the Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous in any newspapers, magazines and so on, please do let me know!!

After the conference, a few of us made our way out for makan (food). We ended up at Old Town White Coffee in a place called Centrepoint.. Not all of us could join though (*pout*), so in the end it was just Preeta, Sue, Nalin, Steffy, Zhareen (plus bf, Ian), and I.. At the end of it I was a bit down cz i didnt wanna leave these gals so soon.. I have so much fun when I'm with them!! But Sue & I managed a little trip to Steffy's place for an hour or so, so I was happy.. haha.. Not gonna see them for another month!! *sniff*

I've had so much fun, I really dont want this experience to end.. I want October to come quickly, so that we can all have fun again, but at the same time, October marks the end of this journey together.. I know whether I win or not (I seriously hope with all my heart I DO!), I will be taking this experience and new friends with me.. N that, is priceless..


  1. Nice one..! =) Looking Good & Cute as well..
    Best of luck Calista ..*hugs*

  2. Babe... My only comment is... Your heels look freeeeaaaakin high... LoLz~~ Of course my dear.. You look fab... ^^ U seemed pretty busy huh?

  3. Thx Bella.. =D

    Dra: Yea, they were another contestant's.. They're nice to me.. haha.. I love them!! Tis mth slow down a bit, but last 2 mths? Yea, no time to breathe!! But had so much fun!!