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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

So how was your Eid?

Hey everyone!! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!

So it's the 3rd day of Eid.. Back to work tomorrow for most, but what I wanna know is, how did u spend the even first 2 days? For me, I'm like such a ditz. I didnt even realize it was the first day of Eid on Sunday.. I thought it was gonna be on Monday *whack forehead*. So anyhoo, yea, my eve was spent shopping with Ray's friend Michelle at Wisma Merdeka (I bought the black booties I've been eyeing for so long! Whee~!!) and then at night having a tantrum in Ray's room over plans gone haywire. Not gonna go into details, but let's say it wasnt pretty..

1st day the "heated discussion" continued, until finally we went out and watched , the Korean film. My rating: Passable lah.. But I have nightmares about this kinda thing, n true enough, that night was plagued with all different bad things happening in my dreams.. Sigh.. Why can't the world be safer? No worries about natural disasters, n more importantly, not needing to worry about your safety from mankind itself. I personally think man-made disasters and dangers are way scarier than natural. And supernatural come to think of it.

Back to my night. While waiting for the movie (11.20pm, n everywhere was closed in 1 Borneo), we went into a new bar to have a look around and Ray had a drink. Met Yenni n Vivian there, so that was a pleasant surprise. Ice Bar it's called. Now, anyone who knows me knows bars arent my type of place: I don't drink and there's no dance floor, what else can I say? But the worst thing was, they had these 4 girls (GIRLS, not even women! They looked about 18!) dressed in tiny sparkly stuff, dancing on little platforms in each corner of the room! That's bad enough, but to add on that 1. they werent pretty, 2. they didnt have good bodies, and 3. I dont even dance well but I could do better than them!! Basically they were just there as eye-candy, but sorry to say, no one was even paying attention to them! Sigh.. What future do these girls have, if they're bar dancers at 18? Imagine if you went into a bar and saw your daughter up there? *shame* N what I don't understand is, why this is allowed (apparently most bars have them now), when even the VMAs were censored? Makes no sense at all.. ...

... Ok, I'm ranting again. *stop it Calista*

2nd day I had dim sum at Foo Phing for b'fast, yum! Then shopping with Michelle again at cp, then she bought a new cam at Karamunsing. Man, this gal can spend!! Haha.. I had fun watching her, even though I didn't have that much stuff to buy myself.. =D Later on, we had steamboat/bbq buffet at Nelayan, Taman Tun Fuad, and stuffed ourselves with so many prawns, I can't even remember how many plate-fulls we had!! Finished off the night with a yamcha session at Alex's cafe in Lintas, Frenz Cafe, and poof!! Goodbye Hari Ray hols, n goodbye Michelle (she left early d next morn, back to Sandakan).

So that was my boring holiday (Geez, I know, even a boring holiday can be such a long post; punya longwinded!! ;p). Tell me bout urs? D cookies? D duit raya? D open houses? *sniffles* I want!!

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