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Thursday, 17 September 2009


Oh, how I wish I could travel the world!! Japan, Greece, Brazil, New Zealand, even Antartica.. And I would LOVE to go on a safari in Africa!! But hey, what better way to start than with a trip to New York, USA? (Haha, sorry, i just had to put that in! ;p)

For reasons beyond my control, I have not been able to travel out of Malaysia since I came here from England when I was 7 years old.. *sob* So instead, what I did was travel all over Sabah!! Haha.. N if I don't get to travel out of the country soon, be prepared to see me in every state in M'sia~!! Cz I get bored. I dont sit still. N I wanna see places I've never seen before!! So if anyone wants to sponsor me *ahem*, please do let me know!! ;p

But no matter what happens, if, sorry, WHEN (gotta stay positive ;p) I win Maybelline Simply Fabulous, I will go to New York, n finally break free in the land of liberty!! Wahahahaha~!! You see how excited I am? Cant u just feel it? Well in that case, please please please help me achieve my dream, n VOTE for me starting 28th Sept!! It only takes up 30% of the results (70% is based on judges), but hey, 30% is 30% nearer to my goal, n 30% nearer to travelling to the US of A!! When I come back, who knows where I'll go? But I can promise you this: Be prepared for many more stories and photos from around the world.

Love you ppl!! Xoxo *wink*

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