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Saturday, 17 October 2009

C3 E6 - Susie & Calista's Shoot!!

As the title suggests!! Haha.. I really really love this webisode!! The 2 Sabahans weyh~!! "Cun" I tell u.. Muahaha.. You can really tell what I great dancer Susie is in this shoot.. N I love love love the way my shoot looks in the video!! =D

Too bad tho, apparently it wasnt enough to win the challenge.. =( Yes, Preeta won.. No offense to anyone involved, but don't you think her photo was just normal, and so was the concept? I dont quite understand.. Sorry to sound like such a b*tch but.. Maybe it's just the competitive side of me.. Sigh.. I'm glad I was acknowledged though, that still meant a whole lot to me..

As you didnt see the post-interview of this challenge, this is basically what I said:

"I am so grateful for all the positive comments that Stevensunny has given me, and I accept his opinion on neve hiring short girls, even though he did say I had changed his mind when he was doing my personal judging.. BUT. I have to say I do not agree with the choice of winner for this challenge, no based on our photos (we didnt get to see each others' photos til the webisode), but by the final comments given.. I think he is giving out the wrong message to the public, by literally telling everyone that as long as ur tall n pretty, u can get watever u wan even if u have a sucky attitude; whereas the people who, like me, arent naturally born with "it" can never make it even if u work ur ass off. This is why I'm in the competition, to show people like Stevensunny that they are WRONG."

There was also other drama going on, but you'll have to see whether the other girls feel like writing bout it.. Muahaha...

Anyhoo, finals are TOMORROW!! I can't wait!! Remember to catch it at 10pm on 8tv!! And online I think.. ;p

Another blog post =) :


Friday, 16 October 2009

C2 E6 - C3 E5 of Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous

Ok, I know I know, I havent been writing for a few days.. I'm sorry!! As soon as I got to KL, I was either busy or the stupid celcom broadband didnt work.. ... I've ony watched the last 3 webisodes myself!! So here's my thoughts n feelings on the above mentioned webisodes..

Challenge 2 ended with the winning team picking Nalin to join in their spa treatment prize, and a video of them all being massaged etc to make everyone else jealous.. Haha!! I wasnt so jealous really, as I dont like massages.. Lol.. I know I'm weird, but it's totaly ok!! ;p Of course I wanted to win just for the sake of winning la.. Nyehehe..

Challenge 3: I love the "previously on" part, cz I thought I looked nuts.. But I just noticed: Steffy looks nuttier!! Ahahahaha~!! Go, take a look.. ;p

We had our profile shoot, Levi's promo shoot and group shoot on the same day as Challenge 3.. To me, Stevensunny was very helpful and is a very nice man.. I wish I could have the chance to work with him sometime.. I'm so grateful for the positive comments he gave me after our short meeting!!

Syifa I think did quite an ok job on her shoot, her photo looks nice, and I think it captures what she was aiming for.. Bei Shan also had a very good idea, and she does have one of the prettiest faces!!

Zhareen looks oh-so-loveable during her shoot, she looks so cuddly n adorable!! Steffy unfortunately got some bad comments to frames into her shoot, so she couldnt focus well.. I'm not gonna mention what was said, but let's just say it wasnt wat d webisode put out!! =( But she was looking smoking hot during her shoot anyway!!

Diana, as always, looks so pretty.. I think she did a very good job at posing, dont u? =) Preeta of course has modeling experience, n as mentioned, she had a lot of good frames!! If only all my frames were as good!!

Nalin, my wonderful roomie, looked so funky, no? N her idea was a fun one: The world as her pet!! Kim had the same dream as Nalin: Travel show host, so she was looking fresh wif her mic n camera esp!!

Waiting for tonight people, as they saved the best til last: Susie & Calista's shoot!! It's gonna be hot hot HOT!!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

No new webisode? =(

Apparently no webisode was uploaded last night.. I know!! =( But just hang in there, i'm sure there's just a slight hiccup somewhere, and we'll be able to watch it soon!!

In the meantime, take a look at this vid pinkporkchop took of me.. Lol.. Those who know me, are gonna go crazy.. Haha..

I leave for KL soon.. Flight's been delayed. Sigh.. I would be checking in etc now if it hadnt been.. MAS smsed me 15 mins before check-in time.. Grr!! Luckily I was just leaving the house, else I wud've had to spend hours in the airport!!

Can't wait to meet up with at least half of the Fab babes!! Nalin, Steffy, Susie n Preets - I'm coming back to town!! ;p We're gonna have so much fun tonight!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

C2 E5: Best Outfit?

The girls in green won the challenge.. What did you think of their outfits? Personally, my fave outfit of the bunch was Steffanie's.. But then.. That's so my style.. Haha.. Too bad none of the trousers would fit me pre-length-alteration *sigh*.. I also loved the belt Zhareen had on, but she got there before me.. Damn!! O well, wouldnt have matched my dress anyway.. =(

The winners got to get a spa treatment at Jojoba Spas.. N they get to pick someone to share the prize!! Who will it be? Ah~ Keep watching!! ;p

One of my best friends (we dont see each other that much anymore, cz she's so far away. *sobs*) has written a surprise blog post on me!! Phaedra, I love you!! Haha.. So guys, please dont let her post be in vain.. VOTE!! Only 4 days left!! Argh~!! I hate this countdown!! It's so nerve-racking!! I actually cant sleep at night as I'm worrying over this n that.. *cry* Dark circles are OTT at the moment!! Hope Maybelline concealer will be able to cover!! Haha..

Anyway, here's the post:

Drop her a few comments!! =)

PS: Invites to the Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous finals still up for grabs!! Just drop me a message if you'd like to come join the party!! =D

Thursday, 8 October 2009

C2 E4: Cats Whiskers Boutique Madness!!

It was so stressful!! Rushing around, trying our best to find the right dress, AND to match our partner with a theme.. Susie and I had decided on lil black dresses n loads of accessories.. But no sizes!! Sigh.. My height n her hips were a nightmare.. So we then decided, summery!! I found a green dress (yes, i know, it wasn't summery) but we couldnt find anything to go with that for her.. She found a lovely blouse and pants, but no sizes!! Time, was running out. While she was trying on more things, I found the black dress with the pink and purple hem.. Aha! Me (black) with the splash of colou that everyone keeps telling me to get!! =D In the end, I decided to add a pink belt, and Susie decided on her tube dress too - theme: Comfort!! Haha.. I actually decided on some earrings, but put them back as they were so expensive. Sigh.. We were going to be judged on our budget/smart spending too you see!!

So did we win? Well, you'll have to stay tuned to find out!! Drama is coming up now, in each episode.. This week it seems to be between Preeta and Diana.. But who knows? Twists happen in a blink of an eye.. =p

Stay tuned to - a new webisode at the stroke of midnight, every night!! Voting is also underway with only 5 more days left!! Come on people, let's get this in the bag!! Register and vote for me, CALISTA, as many times as you can!! U can also get your siblings etc's ID to vote too, as long as u have permission!! Nyehehe.. *sneakysneaky*

My support group on fb now has almost 1200 members!! Thank you to everyone who has joined, and please, the more members the better!! I'm giving out invites to some people on the group, so JOIN!! and just drop me a message if you'd like to come to the grand finals of Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous at Ministry Of Sound (Euphoria) @ Sunway on 14/10/09!! Just click here: to join!!

Oh, and another great post by blogger Erin!! She has a contest going on for free Maybelline products and tickets too!! Just tell her who your fave contestant is!! I hope hope hope you say me!! *flutters eyelashes rapidly*

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

C2 E3: Drama starts?

Another episode which lasts only 4 minutes.. 8tv, you're killing me!! Argh~!! Have to wait 24 hours for 4 minutes everyday.. *sniffles*

Looks like the drama has already started though!! Who's starting drama? Aha.. Go watch and find out!! It's not me, I just look crazy as usual!! Lol.. I was HAPPY ok? Free shopping? Who wouldnt be? =p

I'd like to give special thanks to a local boutique here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.. Zheng Boutique has been so supportive of me in Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous, that not only did he create a note speacially for his fan page in Facebook, but he also posted a whole blog post about it!! Thank you, Nelson (owner of Zh正ng Boutique).. Your support is greatly appreciated!! xx

Please do visit his blog:

His fan page on facebook:

And his boutique at 1st Floor, City Mall!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Challenge 2, episode 2: Excitement excitement excitement!!

Haha.. U can practically see the excitement brimming over the edge of my head in this episode.. Lol.. Shopping to a shopaholic is the ultimate drug. *deep breath, and release peacefully* I could barely wait for the judges' intro to b over, I wanted to get IN THERE!! Haha.. Pretty happy wif my partner Susie.. We helped each other a lot.. Tho.. Nah.. I'll tell u this tomorrow when u've seen what actually happens.. ;p And yes, when Sarah told us to have fun when she passed us the vouchers, I did actually say "Oh, we will".. Haha.. I wasnt thinkin straight at that exact moment.. Nyehehe.. I could barely contain myself could I?!! =D

Monday, 5 October 2009

Webisode 7... OR Challenge 2 episode 1...

Oooook.. So this episode started off with my *ahem* just-showered-ready-for-bed face smack in front of the camera.. Lol.. U can ignore that.. PLEASE!! ;p

It was Syifa's birthday, and Steffy had baked us all cupcakes.. We didnt need much persuading to celebrate n partay!! (PS: Licking the cupcake is so.. Me.. Lol..) It was so much fun!! Except that I had to change into a jacket cz cameras were in d room, n my PJs were a bit.. See-through.. Haha.. N Syifa got cupcake icing ALL OVER HER FACE!! Thanks to Diana.. Muahaha.. ;p Like it Syifa? =D

I think Sarah Lian looked really good in the Cats Whiskers introduction, don't u? (Oh wait, to quote Syifa: Cats Whispers!! Love u babe.. ;D) N yes, this is the makeup part where the hair stylist actually had the cheek to tell me to stop laughing!! I mean, yea I laugh a lot, SO?? Jz cz I'm not grumpy like u, n am having fun wif my gals, y shud I stop?? ... *rantrantrant*

ANYhoo.. Yes, I was sitting in the back going "Black, black,black!!" when Sarah asked what's our perfect party outfit.. Haha.. Like that's a surprise eh? ;p N yes, that was the whole shopaholic in me coming out.. haha!! See the ecstatic look on my face, n the excited actions? Lol..

Waiting for the next webisode? I can assure u.. It was fun~!!

PS everyone: Voting starts NOW!! Plz do register n vote vote vote away for CALISTA!! It's unlimited voting, so plz, go crazy with it!! The more clicks u give me, the more of that 30% I'll get!! =D Love u people, thanks for supporting me up til now, n please do KEP supporting me, til the finals on the 14th!! xx

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Webisode 6: Winner of Challenge 1 is...

Aha!! So yes, Susie was the winner of the 1st challenge, n well-deserved I must say!! I was just happy to get good comments.. Well-blended? =D Never expected that!! As I said, even to go out clubbing or to a dinner I usually just use concealer, eyeliner, n mascara.. Haha.. I don't even own proper eyeshadow.. Lol.. I used to, n ironically enough, that was a Maybelline product!! Way back I think.. 4 years ago? It's fate I tell you, fate!! ;p

Other than that, let's just say blusher is DEFINATELY not my strong point.. But I guess you heard me talking bout that already.. Nyehehe~

But what IS interesting, is the preview to the next episode.. Looks like drama people, you ready? ;p And I don't look so nervous.. =) I remember that was a fun week so.. Can't wait to "relive" it!!

Support group update: I now have 700++ members!! Millions of thanks to everyone who has joined so far.. Our next target is 1000 members before the start of the voting.. Which means we have 2 days!! So invite all your friends, family and the old man down the road; 5/10/09 is our day to attack the voting system and win!!


You know you love me,
(Sound familiar? ;p)

Friday, 2 October 2009

Webisode 5: Challenge 1

Well, kinda disappointed with this webisode, as I didnt get much screen time for some reason.. I mean, we were all putting on makeup, but they gave me, 2 flashes of my face? Sigh.. O well.. Hopefully I'll get sufficient screen time in the webisodes to come.. N there are like.. 15 more I think? Haha.. *fingers crossed*

So the REAL challenge was not the put on ur makeup in 5 mins w/out a mirror, but 15mins WITH a mirror.. Still hard. Haha.. I seriously need to get some good makeup skills.. I mean, that was a start, but.. Well, let's just say I wont be attempting to do any eyeshadow blending, or even just applying blusher on myself anytime soon.. ;p

Next webisode, the winner!! Who do you thinks gonna win..? Watch n find out!! Please do leave ur guesses in a comment tho, just for fun!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

A moment to mourn - Tsunami in Samoa & earthquake in Indonesia

I came home tonight to hear of the news of these 2 tragic events. Although I alone cannot contribute much, or in fact any help to the countries or their victims, I'd just like to take a moment, away from the "important" events in our lives, and remember just how lucky we are.

My thoughts go out to the 4 countries affected (namely Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga and Indonesia). Let us stop more disasters from happening, now. Natural disasters are not things we can stop, but we can do our part in preventing more from happening. We are killing the environment, and it is now showing proof of that, more n more each year. We may not be able to stop natural disasters, but let's at least stop man-made ones. Enough innocent people have died. Let's work together in saving this earth, it is, after all, the only one we have...