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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

C2 E3: Drama starts?

Another episode which lasts only 4 minutes.. 8tv, you're killing me!! Argh~!! Have to wait 24 hours for 4 minutes everyday.. *sniffles*

Looks like the drama has already started though!! Who's starting drama? Aha.. Go watch and find out!! It's not me, I just look crazy as usual!! Lol.. I was HAPPY ok? Free shopping? Who wouldnt be? =p

I'd like to give special thanks to a local boutique here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.. Zheng Boutique has been so supportive of me in Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous, that not only did he create a note speacially for his fan page in Facebook, but he also posted a whole blog post about it!! Thank you, Nelson (owner of Zh正ng Boutique).. Your support is greatly appreciated!! xx

Please do visit his blog:

His fan page on facebook:

And his boutique at 1st Floor, City Mall!!

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