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Thursday, 8 October 2009

C2 E4: Cats Whiskers Boutique Madness!!

It was so stressful!! Rushing around, trying our best to find the right dress, AND to match our partner with a theme.. Susie and I had decided on lil black dresses n loads of accessories.. But no sizes!! Sigh.. My height n her hips were a nightmare.. So we then decided, summery!! I found a green dress (yes, i know, it wasn't summery) but we couldnt find anything to go with that for her.. She found a lovely blouse and pants, but no sizes!! Time, was running out. While she was trying on more things, I found the black dress with the pink and purple hem.. Aha! Me (black) with the splash of colou that everyone keeps telling me to get!! =D In the end, I decided to add a pink belt, and Susie decided on her tube dress too - theme: Comfort!! Haha.. I actually decided on some earrings, but put them back as they were so expensive. Sigh.. We were going to be judged on our budget/smart spending too you see!!

So did we win? Well, you'll have to stay tuned to find out!! Drama is coming up now, in each episode.. This week it seems to be between Preeta and Diana.. But who knows? Twists happen in a blink of an eye.. =p

Stay tuned to - a new webisode at the stroke of midnight, every night!! Voting is also underway with only 5 more days left!! Come on people, let's get this in the bag!! Register and vote for me, CALISTA, as many times as you can!! U can also get your siblings etc's ID to vote too, as long as u have permission!! Nyehehe.. *sneakysneaky*

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