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Friday, 9 October 2009

C2 E5: Best Outfit?

The girls in green won the challenge.. What did you think of their outfits? Personally, my fave outfit of the bunch was Steffanie's.. But then.. That's so my style.. Haha.. Too bad none of the trousers would fit me pre-length-alteration *sigh*.. I also loved the belt Zhareen had on, but she got there before me.. Damn!! O well, wouldnt have matched my dress anyway.. =(

The winners got to get a spa treatment at Jojoba Spas.. N they get to pick someone to share the prize!! Who will it be? Ah~ Keep watching!! ;p

One of my best friends (we dont see each other that much anymore, cz she's so far away. *sobs*) has written a surprise blog post on me!! Phaedra, I love you!! Haha.. So guys, please dont let her post be in vain.. VOTE!! Only 4 days left!! Argh~!! I hate this countdown!! It's so nerve-racking!! I actually cant sleep at night as I'm worrying over this n that.. *cry* Dark circles are OTT at the moment!! Hope Maybelline concealer will be able to cover!! Haha..

Anyway, here's the post:

Drop her a few comments!! =)

PS: Invites to the Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous finals still up for grabs!! Just drop me a message if you'd like to come join the party!! =D

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