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Friday, 16 October 2009

C2 E6 - C3 E5 of Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous

Ok, I know I know, I havent been writing for a few days.. I'm sorry!! As soon as I got to KL, I was either busy or the stupid celcom broadband didnt work.. ... I've ony watched the last 3 webisodes myself!! So here's my thoughts n feelings on the above mentioned webisodes..

Challenge 2 ended with the winning team picking Nalin to join in their spa treatment prize, and a video of them all being massaged etc to make everyone else jealous.. Haha!! I wasnt so jealous really, as I dont like massages.. Lol.. I know I'm weird, but it's totaly ok!! ;p Of course I wanted to win just for the sake of winning la.. Nyehehe..

Challenge 3: I love the "previously on" part, cz I thought I looked nuts.. But I just noticed: Steffy looks nuttier!! Ahahahaha~!! Go, take a look.. ;p

We had our profile shoot, Levi's promo shoot and group shoot on the same day as Challenge 3.. To me, Stevensunny was very helpful and is a very nice man.. I wish I could have the chance to work with him sometime.. I'm so grateful for the positive comments he gave me after our short meeting!!

Syifa I think did quite an ok job on her shoot, her photo looks nice, and I think it captures what she was aiming for.. Bei Shan also had a very good idea, and she does have one of the prettiest faces!!

Zhareen looks oh-so-loveable during her shoot, she looks so cuddly n adorable!! Steffy unfortunately got some bad comments to frames into her shoot, so she couldnt focus well.. I'm not gonna mention what was said, but let's just say it wasnt wat d webisode put out!! =( But she was looking smoking hot during her shoot anyway!!

Diana, as always, looks so pretty.. I think she did a very good job at posing, dont u? =) Preeta of course has modeling experience, n as mentioned, she had a lot of good frames!! If only all my frames were as good!!

Nalin, my wonderful roomie, looked so funky, no? N her idea was a fun one: The world as her pet!! Kim had the same dream as Nalin: Travel show host, so she was looking fresh wif her mic n camera esp!!

Waiting for tonight people, as they saved the best til last: Susie & Calista's shoot!! It's gonna be hot hot HOT!!

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  1. cally..miss you loo..cepat la write a new ur biggest stalker nie! LOL.anyway..why i got no calls nor emails ..forget me already ah..haha if u guys are planning for reunion or such better let me know ON it! love you girls a zillion! muah!