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Saturday, 17 October 2009

C3 E6 - Susie & Calista's Shoot!!

As the title suggests!! Haha.. I really really love this webisode!! The 2 Sabahans weyh~!! "Cun" I tell u.. Muahaha.. You can really tell what I great dancer Susie is in this shoot.. N I love love love the way my shoot looks in the video!! =D

Too bad tho, apparently it wasnt enough to win the challenge.. =( Yes, Preeta won.. No offense to anyone involved, but don't you think her photo was just normal, and so was the concept? I dont quite understand.. Sorry to sound like such a b*tch but.. Maybe it's just the competitive side of me.. Sigh.. I'm glad I was acknowledged though, that still meant a whole lot to me..

As you didnt see the post-interview of this challenge, this is basically what I said:

"I am so grateful for all the positive comments that Stevensunny has given me, and I accept his opinion on neve hiring short girls, even though he did say I had changed his mind when he was doing my personal judging.. BUT. I have to say I do not agree with the choice of winner for this challenge, no based on our photos (we didnt get to see each others' photos til the webisode), but by the final comments given.. I think he is giving out the wrong message to the public, by literally telling everyone that as long as ur tall n pretty, u can get watever u wan even if u have a sucky attitude; whereas the people who, like me, arent naturally born with "it" can never make it even if u work ur ass off. This is why I'm in the competition, to show people like Stevensunny that they are WRONG."

There was also other drama going on, but you'll have to see whether the other girls feel like writing bout it.. Muahaha...

Anyhoo, finals are TOMORROW!! I can't wait!! Remember to catch it at 10pm on 8tv!! And online I think.. ;p

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  1. RAWR.

    i personally think ur picture was the best :)

  2. Haha.. Thanks Regina.. N Nalin, I will now that I'm back, havent had time to la~!! ;p