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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Challenge 2, episode 2: Excitement excitement excitement!!

Haha.. U can practically see the excitement brimming over the edge of my head in this episode.. Lol.. Shopping to a shopaholic is the ultimate drug. *deep breath, and release peacefully* I could barely wait for the judges' intro to b over, I wanted to get IN THERE!! Haha.. Pretty happy wif my partner Susie.. We helped each other a lot.. Tho.. Nah.. I'll tell u this tomorrow when u've seen what actually happens.. ;p And yes, when Sarah told us to have fun when she passed us the vouchers, I did actually say "Oh, we will".. Haha.. I wasnt thinkin straight at that exact moment.. Nyehehe.. I could barely contain myself could I?!! =D

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