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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Finals of Maybelline NY's Simply Fabulous - Finally!

So yeah, nearly a month after the whole thing, I finally get round to it.. Sigh.. Silly woman.. Haha.. Anyway, here I go!!

The finale was shown on 8tv at 10 pm on the 18th, and as much as I was wetting my pants with excitement to watch it with Steffy n her family, I couldnt help but be slightly disappointed.. 2 hours plus of filming, n it was squeezed into a half hour slot with commercial breaks; so yea, u can bet a lot of things were missing!! The actual finals were held on the 14th, n they were so much fun!! We had rehearsals on the 13th, n a fitting by Lee Ann Maxima for the evening dresses (I LOVED mine!!) and Levi's. Wasnt tat happy with my Levi's outfit at 1st (it was pink, lol.. Figures eh.. Haha..), but then I decided I would rock that pink n make god damn sure I didnt look the slightest bit cute!! N from the comments I've received, it seems to have worked!! Whoopee!! =D

Wasnt that nervous during rehearsals, but when we were told we would have Q & A.. Argh~!! I was so so worried I'd end up looking like a bimbo on national TV!! The night of the finals was nerve-wracking.. There were so many people, n poor Susie n I had no one cheering for us in the crowd.. =( It was pretty obvious too, when the room went silent when they said our names.. I think that was when we both felt a bit down, n strengthened up together.. When I was on the catwalk, my main target was Stevensunny, just because I do like the guy, n I wanted to show him that petite girls can rock that runway better than some taller models!! His expression throughout my walks and Q & A made my night.
As you all probably know, I did not win the main prize. That went to my roomie Nalin - woot woot!! I did win the Bloggers' Choice / Striking Confidence award though, and that was really unexpected!! Once again, I wanna thank all the bloggers involved, and the 8tv production crew!! The makeup artists were great too, and the people from the outfit sponsors, especially from Lee Ann!! It was such a great experience, and no, as people have been asking me "Do you regret wasting all that money to join?", my answer is a million times no. The experience n the people I've come to know n love more than make up for the amount of money I used, it did not go to waste, n I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

See how happy I was?!?! Haha..
What really was the highlight of my night though, and this is something that will make me push even harder (plans in progress ;p), was when, after the press conference, Stevensunny came up to me to tell me that I was one of his favourites!! To me, that is my mission accomplished: to make people see me, and to see the potential of petite models.

Group photos after the interviews

Congratulations to Nalin - have a rocking time in NY!!
And not forgetting my babe Diana, who won Watson's So Gorgeous award.. U deserve it!! =D
Just a few photos, there are more of course, but mostly of the same thing.. Unfortunately I dont have many singular photos as I had no one to take photos for me.. *sob sob*


  1. rawr rawr!
    u were FANTABULOUS!
    i love that picture of u looking all jolly!
    and GOOD that stevensunny saw something in u! u're awesome and i bet he wanted u to know that! haha. pink levis outfit! hahahaha. yea. u didnt look cute in it la! :P

  2. i replied ur comment on the maybelline wan in my blog! btw, yes buzz me at when ur back in KL ya! let's go yumcha.. seriously :)

  3. Wingz: Thanks!!

    Regina: Hahaha.. I know rite, blogs were the main source of publicity the way I see it (in reply to ur previous comment)

    Jess: Thanks for telling me, I 4gt to check back.. Short term memory I tell u.. Haha.. Dont worry, will be sure to let u guys know as soon as I go, prolly next year.. =) Ohoh!! I joined the Reebonz thing under ur name.. ;p