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Saturday, 10 October 2009

No new webisode? =(

Apparently no webisode was uploaded last night.. I know!! =( But just hang in there, i'm sure there's just a slight hiccup somewhere, and we'll be able to watch it soon!!

In the meantime, take a look at this vid pinkporkchop took of me.. Lol.. Those who know me, are gonna go crazy.. Haha..

I leave for KL soon.. Flight's been delayed. Sigh.. I would be checking in etc now if it hadnt been.. MAS smsed me 15 mins before check-in time.. Grr!! Luckily I was just leaving the house, else I wud've had to spend hours in the airport!!

Can't wait to meet up with at least half of the Fab babes!! Nalin, Steffy, Susie n Preets - I'm coming back to town!! ;p We're gonna have so much fun tonight!!

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