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Friday, 2 October 2009

Webisode 5: Challenge 1

Well, kinda disappointed with this webisode, as I didnt get much screen time for some reason.. I mean, we were all putting on makeup, but they gave me, 2 flashes of my face? Sigh.. O well.. Hopefully I'll get sufficient screen time in the webisodes to come.. N there are like.. 15 more I think? Haha.. *fingers crossed*

So the REAL challenge was not the put on ur makeup in 5 mins w/out a mirror, but 15mins WITH a mirror.. Still hard. Haha.. I seriously need to get some good makeup skills.. I mean, that was a start, but.. Well, let's just say I wont be attempting to do any eyeshadow blending, or even just applying blusher on myself anytime soon.. ;p

Next webisode, the winner!! Who do you thinks gonna win..? Watch n find out!! Please do leave ur guesses in a comment tho, just for fun!!

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