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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Webisode 6: Winner of Challenge 1 is...

Aha!! So yes, Susie was the winner of the 1st challenge, n well-deserved I must say!! I was just happy to get good comments.. Well-blended? =D Never expected that!! As I said, even to go out clubbing or to a dinner I usually just use concealer, eyeliner, n mascara.. Haha.. I don't even own proper eyeshadow.. Lol.. I used to, n ironically enough, that was a Maybelline product!! Way back I think.. 4 years ago? It's fate I tell you, fate!! ;p

Other than that, let's just say blusher is DEFINATELY not my strong point.. But I guess you heard me talking bout that already.. Nyehehe~

But what IS interesting, is the preview to the next episode.. Looks like drama people, you ready? ;p And I don't look so nervous.. =) I remember that was a fun week so.. Can't wait to "relive" it!!

Support group update: I now have 700++ members!! Millions of thanks to everyone who has joined so far.. Our next target is 1000 members before the start of the voting.. Which means we have 2 days!! So invite all your friends, family and the old man down the road; 5/10/09 is our day to attack the voting system and win!!


You know you love me,
(Sound familiar? ;p)

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