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Monday, 5 October 2009

Webisode 7... OR Challenge 2 episode 1...

Oooook.. So this episode started off with my *ahem* just-showered-ready-for-bed face smack in front of the camera.. Lol.. U can ignore that.. PLEASE!! ;p

It was Syifa's birthday, and Steffy had baked us all cupcakes.. We didnt need much persuading to celebrate n partay!! (PS: Licking the cupcake is so.. Me.. Lol..) It was so much fun!! Except that I had to change into a jacket cz cameras were in d room, n my PJs were a bit.. See-through.. Haha.. N Syifa got cupcake icing ALL OVER HER FACE!! Thanks to Diana.. Muahaha.. ;p Like it Syifa? =D

I think Sarah Lian looked really good in the Cats Whiskers introduction, don't u? (Oh wait, to quote Syifa: Cats Whispers!! Love u babe.. ;D) N yes, this is the makeup part where the hair stylist actually had the cheek to tell me to stop laughing!! I mean, yea I laugh a lot, SO?? Jz cz I'm not grumpy like u, n am having fun wif my gals, y shud I stop?? ... *rantrantrant*

ANYhoo.. Yes, I was sitting in the back going "Black, black,black!!" when Sarah asked what's our perfect party outfit.. Haha.. Like that's a surprise eh? ;p N yes, that was the whole shopaholic in me coming out.. haha!! See the ecstatic look on my face, n the excited actions? Lol..

Waiting for the next webisode? I can assure u.. It was fun~!!

PS everyone: Voting starts NOW!! Plz do register n vote vote vote away for CALISTA!! It's unlimited voting, so plz, go crazy with it!! The more clicks u give me, the more of that 30% I'll get!! =D Love u people, thanks for supporting me up til now, n please do KEP supporting me, til the finals on the 14th!! xx

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