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Monday, 16 November 2009

All American Rejects & Halloween

Digi Music's first Live concert.. Hmm.. Well, good news is, performance-wise, it was great.. Malaysian bands Disagree, Pop Shuvit & One Buck Short all rocked that stage and got the crowd in the mood, n I have to say, I'm a fan.. =) AAR, well, do I really need to tell you how much I was moshing, screaming & singing while they were performing?? Haha.. Ray had to carry me on his shoulders a few times, cz it was so packed i couldnt see!! (This is why I love my tall boyfriend, nyehehe..)

But bad news. *Calista shakes head at the memory* Organisation-wise. Tsk tsk.. For lack of a better word, it was crap.. I was telling Ray (and friends after), that if this was Amal's event, bodies would've been piling up backstage.. Hahahaha.. The sound system had problems, the crowd was left waiting way too long.. A resetless crowd, especially at a rock concert, is never a good idea.. I felt sorry for the emcees of the night, Natalie & Ean of, as they were the ones who had to try calm the crowd, and play games, to the loud boos of many of the impatient fans.. Chants of "Digi sucks!" were heard more than once, which is very very bad for Digi, as i'm sure it wasnt their fault (They usually have event companies responsible for the organisation). I couldnt even stay til the end because one, we already left the vacinity and were standing outside before AAR came on, it was just too much! And two, I had other places to go, which were planned to coincide with the end of the concert, which was dragged on too late!!

Another thing that upset me was, while they were playing games on stage, I couldnt see but I'm thnking that this one contestant must've either been African or white. These boys in front of me, definately Malaysian, were screaming things like "Go back to your country!" every time said contestant was addressed on stage. Not good! I hate racists, and I hate people who think saying stuff like this is funny or acceptable!! Especially when the 'victim' hadnt even done anything to them!! Things like this realy p*** me off!! *Calista screams in frustration*

Anyway, on to happier things! =) We took a taxi back to the hotel, where I had 10 minutes to change etc before Stef (goth chick), Gary (with his ghoul mask) & Scott (himself - lol) picked me up.. Halloween!! =D We went to Helo Bali again, where they had a Bloodlust theme on.. I was dressed in a Queen of Hearts costume I just bought, and I messed up my hair and did dark eyes & red lipstick.. Punked up style Queen of Hearts!! Whoopee!! Haha.. We met Geetha (french maid), Junior, Mario & his friends, and Lebo there.. Now that was a really fun night!! We took loadsa great photos, danced the night away, got hit on (lol - while I made Scott pretend to be my bf to ward off any unwanted attention; which reminds me - Ray didnt go cz he was tired.. Poor thing.. He may be starting to like rock music, but going to a rock concert isnt really for him!! He did it to please me, and he got a special hug.. =) ), and had plain drama as usual.. Haha.. Wats a fun night without any drama eh? ;p

Was so looking forward to having those photos, but something happened. I received a call the day after I reached KK (left 1/11 night) from Stef. She had been in her bedroom sleeping (luckily Lebo was also there, and lucky for Geetha she was not), when someone broke in, with a knife!! Other than taking their phones, laptop, camera etc, she almost got attacked!! I was speechless. Things like this arent s'posed to happen!! I comforted her the best I could (not good with words me), then as soon as I hung up, tears started rolling down. Dont ask why, I just felt so shaken up by thought of Stef in that situation!! It's really hard to describe the feeling of feeling so close to someone you have not long met, but I can tell you it rarely happens.. N no, I'm not a lesbian ok, lol.. But yea, n Ray had to walk in on me right at that moment.. He was shocked, wondered wat was happening, haha..

A few photos during Halloween, taken by one of Stef's friends.. Found them on facebook.. This is all we have.. =(
Lebo, Geetha, Calista & Steffy!! My girls!!
The French maid & her assistant (lol - ppl actually asked this question!!)
Gary looking very handsome.. Ahaha..

N now, I hear that my brother has become a victim of pickpockets!! His phone, his life, was stolen in Centerpoint Sabah, while going to watch a movie at Growball Cinemax.. I think security needs to be tighter there, it's just not on!! Especially since a lady sitting behind him also had hers stolen!! 2 people, same time same place? I'm willing to bet there were at least a couple more people who had it happen to them too!!


  1. ray carried u?! haha! not bad! ur halloween sounded fun! :D

    pick pockets! urgh. kk is getting scarier by the day. was his phone in his back pocket or what? maybe u tell me in detail how it happened coz i'd really like to know how to avoid! so scary. :/

  2. omg omg omg! i love you with all my heart and soul! Im not gonna say much here.. i want you to come backkkk!

  3. Regina: Yes he did.. Voluntarily.. Nyehehe.. Halloween was da bomb I tell u!! My bro had his phone in his front pocket, n that friont pocket was beside his gf, so we're not quite sure how they did it.. They got skills I tell u.. Sigh.. Yea, I hope nth like tat happens to me or anyone else I know!! But it was rili crowded, so tats how they distracted la I guess.. =(

    Stef: I wanna go too babe!! Workin on it!! xoxoxo